This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Armes. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Armes, Charles Louis 1911-02-22
Armes, Charles Wesley 1885-06-16
Armes, Cova M. 1890-12-07
Armes, Emma E. 1889-06-09
Armes, Eva M. about 1902
Armes, Frances Ann 1833
Armes, H. H. 1882-09-09
Armes, James Herbert 1864-06-29
Armes, Lotta Marie 1904-03-07
Armes, Lydia Ann 1859-12-16
Armes, Mary E. 1894-05-05
Armes, Matilda E. 1894-05-05
Armes, Micajah 1772
Armes, Micajah 1839-10-12
Armes, Oma Grace 1894-01-07
Armes, Ronald L. 1899-06-07
Armes, Ronald V. 1923-04-23
Armes, Roy Heywood 1915-07-20
Armes, Sarah Palestine 1862-04-26
Armes, Turner Alvin 1887-08-14
Armes, Vivian J. 1892-05-00
Armes, Wallace Jackson 1899-08-12
Armes, William 1830-01-11
Armes, William David 1857-10-22
Armes, Wilma 1902-09-06