This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of al-Khem. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
al-Khem ~2550
al-Khem ~2637
al-Khem, Aksinoe  
al-Khem, Ankhenesmerire II  
al-Khem, Ankhfn  
al-Khem, Asenath ~1780
al-Khem, Asruth ~1610
al-Khem, Batiryti  
al-Khem, Baunetjer about 2845
al-Khem, Bebi-Tzazai  
al-Khem, Berinib  
al-Khem, Binothris  
al-Khem, Boethos  
al-Khem, Bunefer  
al-Khem, Djed-ka-re ~2422
al-Khem, Djedefhor ~2500
al-Khem, Djedefre ~2575
al-Khem, Djefatsen  
al-Khem, Djoser ~2715
al-Khem, Gaodhal 1665 B.C.E.
al-Khem, Hathor ~3140
al-Khem, Hekenuhedjet  
al-Khem, Herneith  
al-Khem, Hesepati  
al-Khem, Hetep-heres I ~2568
al-Khem, Hetep-heres I ~2615
al-Khem, Hor Aha ~3020
al-Khem, Hotephirnebti  
al-Khem, Huni 2637 B.C.E.
al-Khem, Inedkaes  
al-Khem, Inhor ~3120
al-Khem, Intef II  
al-Khem, Intef I  
al-Khem, Ipwet II  
al-Khem, Ipwet I ~2389
al-Khem, Irinetjer  
al-Khem, Irinetjer ~2905
al-Khem, Iti ~2960
al-Khem, Itit ~2990
al-Khem, Ka ~3100
al-Khem, Kaikhos  
al-Khem, Kaku ~2825
al-Khem, Kasekhemwy  
al-Khem, Kenkenes  
al-Khem, Khaba ~2655
al-Khem, Khafre ~2544
al-Khem, Khamaat  
al-Khem, Khamerenebti  
al-Khem, Khamerernebti II  
al-Khem, Khawab  
al-Khem, Khenebta-Re  
al-Khem, Khentkare I 2524 B.C.E.
al-Khem, Khentneith  
al-Khem, Khufu ~2595
al-Khem, Khui  
al-Khem, Menkauhor ~2438
al-Khem, Menkaure ~2544
al-Khem, Merenre Nemtyemsaf II  
al-Khem, Merenre Nemtyemsaf I  
al-Khem, Meresankh II  
al-Khem, Meresankh IV  
al-Khem, Meresankh I ~2637
al-Khem, Meritates II  
al-Khem, Meritneit  
al-Khem, Meryet-nit  
al-Khem, Merytaten ~1740
al-Khem, Miebidos  
al-Khem, Narmer ~3060
al-Khem, Nebet I  
al-Khem, Nebet II  
al-Khem, Nebjemib  
al-Khem, Nebwyhetepimyef ~2730
al-Khem, Neferefre ~2470
al-Khem, Neferhetepes ~2548
al-Khem, Neferirkare ~2504
al-Khem, Neferka-Sokar  
al-Khem, Nefertabe  
al-Khem, Neithotep  
al-Khem, Nekhtneith  
al-Khem, Netjerikhet ~2695
al-Khem, Nimaathapu ~2730
al-Khem, Ninetjer ~2795
al-Khem, Nitocris  
al-Khem, Niuserre ~2454
al-Khem, Niuserre Ini  
al-Khem, Nuhor ~3160
al-Khem, Nymaathap  
al-Khem, Nynetjer  
al-Khem, Nysuteh ~2658
al-Khem, Pepi II  
al-Khem, Pepi I  
al-Khem, Peribsen ~2750
al-Khem, Qaa  
al-Khem, Qebh ~2865
al-Khem, Rekhetre  
al-Khem, Reptyneb  
al-Khem, Scota ~1270
al-Khem, Sekhemib-Perenmaat  
al-Khem, Sekhemkhet ~2675
al-Khem, Semempses  
al-Khem, Semerkhet ~2885
al-Khem, Semti ~2925
al-Khem, Sened ~2760
al-Khem, Serket II ~3080
al-Khem, Serket I ~3100
al-Khem, Sethenes  
al-Khem, Shepseskaf ~2525
al-Khem, Shepseskare ~2486
al-Khem, Snereru ~2615
al-Khem, Sruth ~1560
al-Khem, Teti Merienptah II ~2390
al-Khem, Uadjites  
al-Khem, Ubienthes  
al-Khem, Uenestes  
al-Khem, Unais ~2406
al-Khem, Userkaf ~2528