This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Carpenter. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Carpenter, A. D. 36210B626E1B47AC9DD6C88F3FA032CFEA52
Carpenter, Adolphus Marcellus 1876-02-08
Carpenter, Adolphus Wesley 1909-11-14
Carpenter, Alma Sue 1944-02-14
Carpenter, Asahel 1732-03-05
Carpenter, Benjamin 1743-01-08
Carpenter, Bethia 1706-09-23
Carpenter, Bethia 1726-11-25
Carpenter, Charles Troy 1896-05-11
Carpenter, Charles Troy Jr. 1921-08-03
Carpenter, Claiborne 511BD86FC8F94035B56180F06B6B86B78237
Carpenter, Clara M. 1887-11-00
Carpenter, Clarence E. Jr.  
Carpenter, Clarence E. 1893-09-18
Carpenter, Daisy Ella 1891-02-23
Carpenter, Daniel 1695-11-08
Carpenter, Daniel 1724-12-08
Carpenter, Daniel 1738-07-27
Carpenter, Dorcus A.  
Carpenter, Edith Mae 1911
Carpenter, Edward Anderson Pinckney 1846-05-19
Carpenter, Elisha 1728-06-18
Carpenter, Elizabeth 1721-10-25
Carpenter, Fanny Emma 1897-09-22
Carpenter, George Alvin B8FDDEE58B7B4605AB38A30F0B7DFC27098D
Carpenter, George Roy 1886
Carpenter, Hannah 1746-05-09
Carpenter, James Anderson  
Carpenter, Jesse Thomas 1899-12-11
Carpenter, Joe Millard 1905-02-13
Carpenter, Leslie Clayton 1921-11-06
Carpenter, Lillian Caralyn 1922-12-26
Carpenter, Lorene D510C4CBD139429AA6454EA96CD7F4DB4EB0
Carpenter, Lula A. 1889-08-18
Carpenter, Mabel 1901
Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth 1903
Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth Louisa 1783-01-01
Carpenter, Mazel 1917-08-15
Carpenter, Meek Anderson 1924-12-30
Carpenter, Michael Lynn 1944-08-04
Carpenter, Nettie 1903
Carpenter, Nevin Plato 1915-05-03
Carpenter, Olaf Nezra 1922-09-13
Carpenter, Pauline 1914
Carpenter, Phebe  
Carpenter, Phebe  
Carpenter, Ruby L. 1915
Carpenter, Susanna 1734-02-21
Carpenter, Susanna 1736-06-29
Carpenter, Theresa 1905
Carpenter, William Coy 1913-01-16
Carpenter, William Mason 1889-08-07