This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of BURRELL. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
BURRELL, Archibald 1830-10-15
BURRELL, Bessie M. “Effie” 1897-08-09
BURRELL, Beulah Fay 1887-09-00
BURRELL, Beulah Leone 1900-03-14
BURRELL, Blanch L. (Mrs. Frank) about 1884
BURRELL, Charity V. 1912-08-24
BURRELL, Edward A. 1904-07-01
BURRELL, Elizabeth “Lizzie” 1860-07-16
BURRELL, Emma M. 1872-05-00
BURRELL, Ester Marie 1898-09-00
BURRELL, Frank Disney 1880-09-01
BURRELL, Georgietta M. 1885-05-00
BURRELL, Grace 1882-09-22
BURRELL, Hester A. 1853-11-26
BURRELL, Joseph N. 1868-10-16
BURRELL, Laura about 1866
BURRELL, Mary E. 1909-04-22
BURRELL, Nancy Jane 24 Dec 1855-1856
BURRELL, Nancy Uhlman 1938-10-19
BURRELL, Nora-Norah M. 1869-06-00
BURRELL, Norman C. about 1904
BURRELL, Raymond O. 1903-03-03
BURRELL, Russell N. 1903-01-06
BURRELL, Sophronia Elizabeth 1866
BURRELL, Thomas 1858-01-22
BURRELL, William H. “Henry” 1852-02-05