This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Bunnell. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Bunnell, Artie 1886-12-03
Bunnell, Artie B. 1915-09-28
Bunnell, Carlos 1888-02-14
Bunnell, David W. 1927-04-11
Bunnell, David Wallace 1883-07-14
Bunnell, Denta 1893-10-26
Bunnell, Elizabeth  
Bunnell, Geneva  
Bunnell, Irene Bessie 1881-03-11
Bunnell, James E. 1917-05-22
Bunnell, John Sammie 1879-03-21
Bunnell, Kathleen  
Bunnell, Lawrence 1890-06-09
Bunnell, Living  
Bunnell, Living  
Bunnell, Mae Ola 1913
Bunnell, Mary E. 1915-05-09
Bunnell, Mary Maxine 1920-12-18
Bunnell, Mattie Louise 1918-09-10
Bunnell, Mattie Myra 1895-02-01
Bunnell, Myra Jean 1929-07-31
Bunnell, Myra M. 1920-06-25
Bunnell, Oliver 1915
Bunnell, Pascal Lee 1877-09-05
Bunnell, Paul Lewis 1923-03-19
Bunnell, Rebecca 1925-03-23
Bunnell, Ruby M. 1925-05-13
Bunnell, Ruth C. 1913-04-16
Bunnell, Sidney W. 1918-06-05
Bunnell, Walter D. 1906
Bunnell, William Paul 1923-05-18