This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Cheney. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Cheney, Alice 1566
Cheney, Anne 1392
Cheney, Anne 1458
Cheney, Catherine 1434
Cheney, Edward 1564
Cheney, Eleanor 1626
Cheney, Elizabeth 1420
Cheney, Elizabeth 1471
Cheney, Frances Addra 1650
Cheney, J.  
Cheney, John Lord of Shurland (30.05.1496) 0423C8CFE8F74D33B8772DA1E82A8520D186
Cheney, John of Fen Ditton 1342
Cheney, John 1398
Cheney, John 1423
Cheney, John 1443
Cheney, John 1485
Cheney, John 1568
Cheney, John 1605-06-30
Cheney, Lawrence 1393
Cheney, Lawrence 1562
Cheney, Mary 430
Cheney, Mary 19888
Cheney, Miss about 1377
Cheney, Peter 19889
Cheney, Thomas 1455
Cheney, Thomas 1560
Cheney, Thomas of Shurland, later of Toddington F70ADBF7A961417392421236902829B341CC
Cheney, William
Cheney, William 1367
Cheney, William 1513
Cheney, William 1540
Cheney, William 1570
Cheney, William Constable of Queenborough F75F0B19EF7F48B9A8612EC4EA45F4464D4E