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Name Birth
Bohemia, Frederick of  
Bohemia, Jan Jindrich, Prinz zu Margraf von Moravia 1322-02-12
Bohemia, Jutta of  
Bohemia, Jutte (Bonne) de Luxembourg, Princess of 1315-05-20
Bohemia, Ludmilla of 1170
Bohemia, Premysl Otakar I of 1155
Bohemia, Premysl Ottokar I of 1155
Bohemia, Premysl Ottokar II of 1233
Bohemia, Princess of 1330
Bohemia, Sobeslav II of 1128
Bohemia, Svatopluk of  
Bohemia, Wenceslas I of 1205
Bohemia, Wenceslas II of 1271-09-17