This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Coleman. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Coleman, Alexander Jackson (Zan) 1867-03-25
Coleman, Benjamin Carroll 1842-04-24
Coleman, Benjamin Franklin about 1816
Coleman, Benjamin Franklin 1869-06-00
Coleman, Ernest Z 1904
Coleman, Eula Charlotte 1913-11-16
Coleman, Frank Marvin 1917-04-29
Coleman, Fred 1888-12-24
Coleman, Fred Noel 1915-01-27
Coleman, Geoffrey 1314
Coleman, Harold Clark 1923-11-15
Coleman, Hayden Wendell 1924-10-17
Coleman, Hazel Blanche 1906-11-18
Coleman, Joseph Lucian 1902-02-17
Coleman, Kathleen Lucille 1918-11-30
Coleman, Lewis Washington 1844-03-23
Coleman, Living  
Coleman, Lucy 1334
Coleman, Majorie Ellen 1919-12-23
Coleman, Margaret Jane 1840-04-28
Coleman, Marie 1902
Coleman, Mary Elizabeth 1845-01-14
Coleman, Mary Elizabeth 1845-01-14
Coleman, Mary Nell 9BE66A64AE68461EBEBC94D48B8A99DA33FA
Coleman, Mary T 1897
Coleman, Millie America 1846-06-29
Coleman, Millie Catherine 1876-10-31
Coleman, Ollie 1877-07-05
Coleman, William Crittenden 1910-11-17