de Vexin, Gautier II

Birth Name de Vexin, Gautier II
Nick Name The White
Gender male
Age at Death 83 years


# Note: Walter II, "The White", Count of Vexin, Valois, and Amiens; built the Castle of Crespy in Valois, founder of Monastery of St Arunulf, Valois, 1008; married Adela and died 1017-24. [Burke's Peerage]
# Note: Title: Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, 7th Edition, by Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Shippard Jr., 1999
# Note: Page: 250-19
# Note: Title: Burke's Peerage & Baronetage, 106th Edition, Charles Mosley Editor-in-Chief, 1999
# Note: Page: 2757
# Note: Title: The Plantagenet Ancestry, by William Henry Turton, 1968
# Note: Page: 100
# Note: Text: Gauthier II Count de Vexin


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 944 Vexin, Normandy   1
Death 1027     2

Age: 83y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Vexin, Gauthier I925998
Mother de Dreux, Adele9141017
         de Vexin, Gautier II 944 1027
    Brother     de Croyes, Robert 954


Family of de Vexin, Gautier II and de Senlis, Adele

Married Wife de Senlis, Adele ( * 967 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 974     1
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Vexin, Alix974
de Crepy, Sprotte976
d'Amiens, Adela982
of Valois and Vexin, Raoul II9901040
Vexin, Dreux10121035