de Montferrat, Matilda

Birth Name de Montferrat, Matilda
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1115 Montferrat, Italy   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Montferrat, Raynier10751133
Mother of Burgundy de Macon, Gisela10701153
    Sister     de Montferrat, Jeanne 1103 1127
    Brother     de Montferrat, Guillaume VI 1110 1191
         de Montferrat, Matilda 1115


Family of di Parodi, Alberto and de Montferrat, Matilda

Unknown Partner di Parodi, Alberto ( * 1112 + 1166 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Montferrat, Beatrix1142

Source References

  1. H. Schluckbier: My Little Obsession
      • Source text:

        # ID: I4839
        # Name: Rainer III OF MONTFERRAT 1 2 3 4 5
        # Sex: M
        # Change Date: 27 FEB 2004
        # Birth: ABT 1075 in Montferrat, Italy 4
        # Death: BEF 1167
        # Occupation: Marquis of Montferrat



        Father: Guglielmo II OF MONTFERRAT b: ABT 1050 in Montferrat, Italy
        Mother: Otta D' AGLIE b: ABT 1050 in Aglie, France

        Marriage 1 Gisela (Gille) OF BURGUNDY b: ABT 1073 in Bourgogne, France

        * Married: AFT 1103 in 2nd Husband


        1. Has Children Jeanne DE MONTFERRAT b: ABT 1103 in Montferrat, Italy
        2. Has Children William V OF MONTFERRAT b: ABT 1110 in Montferrat, Italy
        3. Has Children Matilda DE MONTFERRAT b: ABT 1115 in Montferrat, Italy



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