de Briwere, Hawise 1

Birth Name de Briwere, Hawise
Gender female
Age at Death more than 36 years


Ivo II de Heriz II. Robert and Agnes had issue: Ivo II de Heriz II., obit. 1225, who married Hawise Briwere, or, as it became, Brewer. She was a descendant of Drogo de Briwere of Flanders, then of Breviere, Caen, and sister of William de Briwere, to whom King John gave the forfeited estates of the Peverel family, thus indicating a familial relationship between the families of Briwere and Peverel. The Exchequer returns for Derbys. show Ivo holding of 'the constable of Chester', of the family of de Lacey. Their sons represented the various lineages of Heriz: (1) William de Heriz, obit. 1242, of Wiverton, Justice Itinerant of Notts., sp. Maud Basset. (2) Richard de Heriz (Hoblyn's MS.) (3) John Harryes.

Hawise married Ivo de Heriz, son of Robert de Heriz and Agnes Alcher. (Ivo de Heriz died in 1225 in Nottinghamshire, England.)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1182 Belper, Derbyshire, England   2
Death after 1218 Gonalston, Nottinghamshire, England   2

Age: 36y


Family of de Heriz, Ivo II and de Briwere, Hawise

Unknown Partner de Heriz, Ivo II ( * 1180 + 1225 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Heriz, Sarah
de Heriz, John Iabout 11991241
Heriz, Williamabout 1215