Birgersson, King of Sweden Valdemar 1a

Birth Name Birgersson, King of Sweden Valdemar
Gender male
Age at Death 59 years


Valdemar I of Sweden
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Valdemar Birgersson (1239 – 1302), King of Sweden 1250 – 1275/1288/1302, was the son of princess Ingeborg Eriksdotter of Sweden and Birger Jarl, Earl Birger Magnusson of Bjälbo, who more or less ruled Sweden from 1248 under king Eric Ericsson the Lame his brother in law. When king Eric XI died in 1250, Valdemar was elected king, while Birger Jarl (perhaps) was on crusade in Finland.

Even after the coming of age of Valdemar in 1257 his father Jarl Birger held a grip over the country. After Birger's death in 1266 Valdemar came into conflict with his younger brother Jarl or Duke Magnus, who wanted the throne for himself.

Valdemar had a relationship with his Queen's sister Jutta (both of them princesses of Denmark) and had to go to Rome in order to get the Pope's forgiveness. In 1288 he was imprisoned by his brother Magnus, (later Magnus I of Sweden) who had usurped his throne, being elected king in 1275.

Valdemar was married four times and left several children by Queen Sophia (dead 1286).



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1243 Bjälbo, Ostergotland, Sweden    
Death 1302 Stockholm, Sweden    

Age: 59y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Magnusson, Jarl of Bjälbo Birgerabout 12101266-10-21
Mother Eriksdottir, Ingeborgabout 12141254
    Brother     Birgersson, Erik 1228
    Brother     Birgersson, Gregor 1230
    Sister     Birgersdotter, Richiza 1234 1288-12-13
    Brother     Birgersson, King of Sweden Magnus I 1236 1285
    Sister     Birgersdóttir, Rikitsa 1238
         Birgersson, King of Sweden Valdemar 1243 1302
    Sister     Birgersdotter, Katarina 1245
    Sister     Birgersdotter, Ingeborg 1247
    Sister     Birgersdotter, Christina 1249
    Brother     Birgersson, Bengt 1254

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        ID: I28348
        Name: Ragnhild Magnusdatter
        Sex: F
        Birth: ABT 1093 in Bergen, Norway



        Father: King of Norway Magnus "Barefoot" Olafsson b: 1073 in Bergen, Norway
        Mother: Margareta Ingesdatter b: ABT 1076 in Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden

        Marriage 1 King of Denmark Harald Kesja Eriksson b: ABT 1083 in Slangerup, Denmark
        Has Children King of Denmark Bjørn Järnsida Haraldsson b: ABT 1110 in Slangerup, Denmark

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