Roberts, Daughter

Birth Name Roberts, Daughter
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1784 and 1790      
Baptism 39A2D49808294218AE830656144597287739      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Roberts, William17601834-05-06
Mother Umstead, Lucy Jane1762-03-16
    Brother     Roberts, Charles 1783 1850
    Brother     Roberts, Willis B. 1785 1851
    Brother     Roberts, Richard 1788 1818
    Brother     Roberts, William 1792 1841
    Brother     Roberts, Elisha 1795-02-13 1867-07-12
    Brother     Roberts, Jacob 1799-08-28 1843-10-12
    Brother     Roberts, John W. 1800 between 1840 and 1850
    Brother     Roberts, David 1803 WFT 1820-1893
    Sister     Roberts, Mahala 1810 1870
    Sister     Roberts, Winnifred 1810 between 1850 and 1860
         Roberts, Daughter between 1784 and 1790