de Hauteville, Count of Apulia Humphrey

Birth Name de Hauteville, Count of Apulia Humphrey
Gender male
Age at Death 45 years


Humphrey of Hauteville
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Humphrey of Hauteville (d. 1057), called Onfroi de Hauteville in French and Umfredo d'Altavilla in Italian, succeeded his older brother Drogo as count of Apulia and Calabria in 1051. He was previously lord of Lavello. He is also usually said to have accompanied his brothers to the Mezzogiorno c. 1035, however, he may have arrived later, in 1044, during the reign of his eldest brother William.

By far the biggest event of his reign was the Battle of Civitate, fought near Civitate sul Fortore. Humphrey led the armies of the Hautevilles (along with his younger half-brother and heir, Robert Guiscard) and Drengots (along with Richard, count of Aversa) against the combined forces of the papacy and the Holy Roman Empire. The papal army was destroyed and the pope, Leo IX, was captured and imprisoned in Benevento.

Humphrey's inheritance passed to his younger brother of the half blood and hero of Civitate, Robert Guiscard upon his death in 1057. He gave Guiscard the guardianship of his young sons, but Guiscard confiscated their inheritance. Within two years, Guiscard would raise the county to the status of a duchy.

He was married to Gaitelgrima, a daughter of Prince Guaimar III of Salerno, former wife of his elder brother Drogo. Humphrey had two children:

Abagelard (Abélard or Abailardo), born after 1044 and died in Greece in 1081
Herman, born after 1045 and died in Byzantium in 1097



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1012 Hauteville, Manche, Normandy, France    
Death 1057 Bari, Apulia, Italy    

Age: 45y


Family of de Hauteville, Count of Apulia Humphrey and di Salerno, Gatelgrima

Unknown Partner di Salerno, Gatelgrima ( * 1017 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Hauteville, Abelard10441081
de Hauteville, Herman10451097


    1. de Hauteville, Count of Apulia Humphrey
      1. di Salerno, Gatelgrima
        1. de Hauteville, Abelard
        2. de Hauteville, Herman