ap Jenkin, Gwilym 1a 2a

Birth Name ap Jenkin, Gwilym
Gender male
Age at Death 50 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1327 Wernddu, Monmouthshire, England   3
Event Note

P: Wernddu, Gwent, Cymru

Death 1377 Perth Hir, Monmouthshire, England   3
Event Note

P: Perth-hir, Llangatwg Feibio, Gwent, Cymru

Age: 50y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father ap Adam, Jenken1301
Mother ferch Philip, Lowri1305
         ap Jenkin, Gwilym 1327 1377
    Brother     ap Jenkin, Philip
    Sister     ferch Jenkin, Jonet


Family of ap Jenkin, Gwilym and verch Howel, Gwenlian

Married Wife verch Howel, Gwenlian ( * 1340 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1370 Cefnyddwyglwyd, Gwent, Cymru   4
Name Birth Date Death Date
ferch Gwilym, Jane
ferch Gwilym, Gwladus
ferch Gwilym, Jonet
ap Gwilym, John
ap Gwilym, Philip
ap Gwilym, Hywel1348
ap Gwilym, Dafydd1363
ap Gwily, Thomas13721438-07-04
verch Gwilym, Gwenllian13761454

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      • Source text:

        # ID: I53124
        # Name: Gwilym ap Jenkin
        # Surname: ap Jenkin
        # Given Name: Gwilym
        # Sex: M
        # Birth: in Wernddu, Gwent, Cymru
        # Death: 1377 in Perth-hir, Llangatwg Feibio, Gwent, Cymru
        # _UID: 36B4BA3BC4836E4A9A6ECA5224C7B26D0CAC 1 2 3
        # Change Date: 22 Aug 2009 at 01:00:00



        Father: Jenkin John-Herbert ab Adam Arglwydd Wern Ddu b: ABT 1290 in Wernddu, Gwent, Cymru
        Mother: Lowri ferch Philip

        Marriage 1 Margred ferch Howel b: in Perth-hir, Llangatwg Feibio, Gwent, Cymru


        Marriage 2 Gwenllian ferch Hywel b: ABT 1350 in Cefnyddwyglwyd, Gwent, Cymru

        * Married: ABT 1370 in Cenfnyddwyglwyd, Gwent, Cymru


        1. Has Children Thomas ap Gwilym b: in Wernddu, Gwent, Cymru
        2. Has No Children Jane ferch Gwilym
        3. Has No Children Gwladus ferch Gwilym
        4. Has Children Gwenllian ferch Gwilym
        5. Has No Children Jonet ferch Gwilym
        6. Has Children John ap Gwilym
        7. Has Children Dafydd ap Gwilym
        8. Has Children Hywel ap Gwilym
        9. Has No Children Dafydd Fychan ap Gwilym
        10. Has No Children Philip ap Gwilym



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        # ID: I040051
        # Name: Gwilym Ap Jenkin
        # Sex: M
        # Birth: ABT 1317 in Wernddu, Monmouthshire, Wales
        # Death: 1377 in Wernddu, Monmouthshire, Wales



        Father: Jenkin ap Adam b: ABT 1290 in Wernddu, Monmouthshire, Wales
        Mother: Lowri verch Philip b: ABT 1300 in Monmouthshire, Wales

        Marriage 1 Gwenllian verch Hywel b: ABT 1328 in Parc Letis, Monmouthshire, Wales


        1. Has Children Hywel Ap Gwilym b: ABT 1348 in Wernddu, Monmouthshire, Wales
        2. Has Children Dafydd Ap Gwilym b: ABT 1363 in Wernddu, Monmouthshire, Wales
        3. Has Children Thomas ap Gwilym b: ABT 1372 in Wernddu, Monmouthshire, Wales
        4. Has Children Gwenllian Verch Gwilym b: ABT 1376 in Wernddu, Monmouthshire, Wales

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