de Clare, Margaret

Birth Name de Clare, Margaret
Gender female
Age at Death between 46 years, 1 day and 53 years


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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1280 and 1286 Thomand, Clare, Ireland   1
Death 1333     2
Christening 80D99628DBB5044E86CAB6F6715535B6A68F 3 NOV 2006    


Family of de Badlesmere, Batholomew IV and de Clare, Margaret

Married Husband de Badlesmere, Batholomew IV ( * 1275 + 1322-04-14 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1305   Religious Marriage 2
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Badlesmere, Margery13061363-10-18
de Badlesmere, Maudbetween 1309 and 13101366-05-24
de Badlesmere, Elizabeth13131356-06-08
de Badlesmore, Margaret13151366-05-24