De Warren, Rudolf II

Birth Name De Warren, Rudolf II
Gender male
Age at Death 54 years




Acceded: 1074


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RODULF DE WARENNE, 1st son and heir, is known only from his subscriptions to two charters of his father for the Holy Trinity of Rouen. As his father's lands near Rouen and in the pays de Caux did not pass to his son William or William's descendants, it is likely that Rodulf succeeded to them on his father's death; he married Emma, whose parentage is unknown.

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# Note: [From "The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families"]
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For this identification see Mr. Loyd's paper 'The Origin of the Family of Warenne' in Yorkshire Arch. Journal, vol. xxxi, pp. 97-113. The hamlet of Varenne lies on the river Varenne c. 2 miles S of Arques and c. 13 miles N of Bellencombre. The latter place, arr. Dieppe, cant. Bellencombre, where there was a castle, became the caput of the Warenne honour in Normandy.

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# Note: Rodulf (Ralph) I de Warenne
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# Note: K.S.B. Keats-Rohan "Poppa of Bayeux and her Family":
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# Note: 1027-35: first occurrence of Ralph de Warenne in a charter for Saint-Amand [p22]
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# Note: c1050: grant of land in Vascoeuil by Ralph de Warenne and wife Beatrice; charter mentions Ralph's brother Godfrey and was attested by Gotmund miles abbatis. Dateable to c1050 by a reference to Roger de Beaumont as Vicomte of Rouen [p22]
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# Note: 1050's: well known charters of early 1050s by which Ralph de Warenne and his wife Beatrice were associated with the lands of Roger fitz Bishop Hugh of Coutances and his sons. [p23]
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Research note: K-R p22 contradicts CP (& Holloway & Wagner) by stating Rodulph/Ralph died before Beatrice. Beatrice is listed as living 1053 (CP XII/1:492 & ES III:698) & dead before 1059 (CP XII/1:492, K-R p22, Moriarty p184, Wagner p46]. K-R states a grant "made by widow Beatrice" to Preaux of land near Dozule, Eure was "dated during the time of William son of Count Robert, suggesting that William had not yet begun the series of military achievements that enabled him to be detached from his father in such references, i.e. before c1054-60". To do: check CP's source of the 1074 grant. Also is the term "widow" K-R's or stated in the grant of the land near Dozule?...

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# Note: Page: Todd A. Farmerie, 3 Dec 1996
# Note: Text: father of William de Warenne by Emma
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# Note: Title: The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families, by Lewis C Loyd, 1999
# Note: Page: 111
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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1020 Varenne near Bellencombre, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France   1
Death 1074     2
Event Note

D: Aft. 1074


1. Title: Book: Royalty For Commoners
Author: Roderick W. Stuart
Publication: Revised Second Editon, @1988, by Genealogical Publishing Company.
Note: ABBR Book: Royalty For Commoners
Page: Page 70

Age: 54y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Warren, Rudolph I9981059
Mother De Vascoeuil, Beatrice10041059
    Brother     de Mortimer, Roger 1020
         De Warren, Rudolf II 1020 1074
    Sister     de Warrene, Ada


Family of De Warren, Rudolf II and de Torta, Emma

Unknown Partner de Torta, Emma ( * 1030 + 1076 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Warenne, Rodulf III1054
de Warren, William10551088-06-24