Hutchings, Mattie Jewel 1

Birth Name Hutchings, Mattie Jewel
Gender female


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Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hutchings, Mose Lee1889-08-151979-04-11
Mother Adair, Lillie Mae1889-08-291952-08-20
    Brother     Hutchings, Wayman 1909-01-27 1981-01-00
    Brother     Hutchings, William Franklin ‘Frank’ 1910-11-04 1999-08-17
    Sister     Hutchings, Phoebie 1913-07-15 1998-02-07
    Brother     Hutchings, Newell Edward 1920-06-10 2003-05-24
    Sister     Hutchings, Elizabeth 1926-08-17 2008-07-10
         Hutchings, Mattie Jewel
    Brother     Hutchings, James Henry


Family of Wyrick, Samuel J. and Hutchings, Mattie Jewel

Unknown Partner Wyrick, Samuel J. ( * 1923-07-06 + 2001-07-04 )