Birth Name WALLINGFORD, Rebecca
Gender female
Age at Death about 63 years


Morrow family has her as daughter of Benjamin Franklin Wallingford'sfather Ben, senior.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1765 Frederick Co., Virginia   1a
Death 1828 Mason Co., Kentucky   1b

Age: 63y

Christening 9269      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Wallingford, Benjamin Franklinabout 17351814-06-14
Mother ELLIOT, Prudence17321824-07-24
    Sister     WALLINGFORD, Martha Elliot about 1754 about 1836
    Sister     WALLINGFORD, Mary Prudence about 1758 1850
    Brother     WALLINGFORD, Nicholas 1759-12-14 1829-09-05
    Sister     WALLINGFORD, Phoebe 1762 1834
    Sister     WALLINGFORD, Sarah about 1764 1830-03-00
         WALLINGFORD, Rebecca about 1765 1828
    Sister     WALLINGFORD, Elizabeth about 1770 1851-06-24
    Brother     WALLINGFORD, Joseph 1772-02-10 1852-07-02
    Brother     WALLINGFORD, Richard about 1774
    Brother     WALLINGFORD, Mark 1778-01-01 1815-10-09


Family of MURROW, James and WALLINGFORD, Rebecca

Married Husband MURROW, James ( * about 1765 + 1849 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1783 Virginia Religious Marriage 1c
Name Birth Date Death Date
MURROW, Samuel
MURROW, James17851813
MURROW, Nicholas Wallingford1787-01-181873-04-11
MURROW, Joseph F.1789before 1816
MURROW, Charles1794-11-181880-01-05
MURROW, Prudenceabout 1796
MURROW, Rachel17981839
MURROW, Sarah1800-04-171833
MURROW, Benjamin Lewis1801-08-291878-04-13

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