of Bacqueville & Caux, Baldricus Teutonicus

Birth Name of Bacqueville & Caux, Baldricus Teutonicus
Gender male
Age at Death unknown



REF: Neville GEDCOM: The Norman family of Nevill came from Teutonic stock. Baldric Teutonicus was Lord of Bacqueville en Caux under Duke William. He married a niece of Gilbert Compte de Brionne, a grandson of duke Richard I who was regent of Normandy in 1040. The fourth son of Baldric Teutonicus was called Richard de Nova Villa, or de Neuville from his fife in Neuville sur Tocque in the department of the Orne, arrondissement of Argenton, and the canton of Grace. His sister, Hawisia, married Robertr Fitz Erneis who was slain at Hastings on October 14, 1066.


Title: Neville GEDCOM
Author: Ren Neville
Publication: beschutzer@earthlink.net
Note: Ren sent J.H. Garner the GEDCOM, he is interested in "Neville" as a one-name study
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Note: soc.genealogy.medieval (John Cantwell marccant@erols.com) quoting "Hubert de Burgh A Study in Constancy" by Clarence Ellis, pub. 1952
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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 969 Courcy, Ardennes, France   1
Death       2


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Courcy, Wigelius952
Mother De Normandy, Muriella970
         of Bacqueville & Caux, Baldricus Teutonicus about 969
    Brother     d' Aunou, Fulk 994 1007
    Sister     d'Aunou, Gunnora 1000
    Brother     de Courcy, Robert 1006


Family of of Bacqueville & Caux, Baldricus Teutonicus and de Brionne, Aubree

Unknown Partner de Brionne, Aubree ( * 1002 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Nova Villa, Richardus Teutonicusabout 1010after 1066
de Bacquerville, Nicholas1032