de Valognes, Roger

Birth Name de Valognes, Roger
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death       1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Valognes, Piers10501107
Mother de Rie, Albreda1050
    Sister     de Valognes, Muriel 1069
    Brother     de Valognes, Piers 1071
    Brother     de Valognes, Robert Hamo 1073
         de Valognes, Roger

Source References

  1. Errol Bevan: @ RootsWeb Ancestries of Errol S. BEVAN and Hollie C. ATKINSON BEVAN to ADAM and EVE including REINHARDT and BLOCKER Cousins and more
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        ID: I45099
        Name: Peter (Piers) Lord de Valognes de PONTHIEU
        Surname: Ponthieu
        Given Name: Peter (Piers) Lord de Valognes de
        Sex: M
        Birth: ABT 1050 in Valognes, Contentin, France
        Death: AFT 1107
        aka Piers Valoignes

        Lord of Burton
        1 2
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        Father: Enguerrand II Count Of PONTHIEU b: ABT 1020 in , Ponthieu, Bourgogne
        Mother: Adbelahide Adeliza De NORMANDIE b: ABT 1027 in Of Normandie, France

        Marriage 1 Albreda de RIE b: ABT 1050 in Dapifer, Normandy, France
        Married: in Somersetshire, England

        Robert Hamo de VALOIGNES b: BEF 1070 in Volgnes, Cotentin, France
        Geoffrey de VALOINES b: 1099
        Roger de VALOGNES
        Muriel de VALOINES b: ABT 1070 in Of Normandy, France

        Title: ConverseA
        Publication: "Ancestors of Deacon Edward Converse".
        Title: MCP
        Publication: "Magna Charta Pedigrees (Portland East Stake Gen. Lib.)".


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