Drummond, Annabella

Birth Name Drummond, Annabella
Gender female
Age at Death 51 years


Anabella Drummond
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Anabella Drummond (c. 1350 – 1401) was a queen consort of Robert III of Scotland.

She was the daughter of Sir John Drummond of Stobhall and Mary Montifex. She married John Stewart (the future Robert III) in 1367, and was crowned with her husband at Scone Palace when he came to the throne in 1390.

The Fife burgh of Inverkeithing was a favorite residence of the queen. Her presence is still recalled in the sandstone font, decorated with angels and heraldry, which she presented to the parish church of the town, one of Scotland's finest surviving pieces of late medieval sculpture.




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1350 Stobhall, Cargill, Perthshire, Scotland   1
Death 1401 Scone, Perthshire, Scotland   1

Age: 51y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Drummond, Johnabout 13261373
Mother Montefex, Mary1345
    Brother     Drummond, William 1344
    Sister     Drummond, Margaret about 1348
    Sister     Drummond, Annabella about 1350 1401-10-00
         Drummond, Annabella 1350 1401
    Brother     Drummond, Sir John about 1362
    Sister     Drummond, Mary about 1369
    Brother     Drummond, Malcolm 1370


Family of of Scotland, Robert III and Drummond, Annabella

Married Husband of Scotland, Robert III ( * 1337 + 1406-04-04 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1365-03-13 Dispensation, Scotland   1
Name Birth Date Death Date
of Scotland, Margaret13701456-09-00
of Scotland, David1378-10-24
Stewart, Mary13801458
of Scotland, Robert1383
of Scotland, Elizabeth1387
of Scotland, Egidia1390
Stewart, James I1394-12-001436-02-21