WALLINGFORD, Margaret 1 2a 3a 4

Birth Name WALLINGFORD, Margaret
Gender female
Age at Death 78 years, 9 months, 13 days


Alternate spelling Wallingford (Barbara Carter). 1880 census may haveinitial of P for first name with Margaret as a middle name.

BIOGRAPHY: 1860 census: Real estate of $3,000.
1880 census: Living with son James and too old to keep house.

BIRTH: Age 67 in 1879 census. Nadler has birth in 1802.

DEATH: Wallingford Genealogy and websitge have death in Parke County.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1804-02-27 Mason Co., Kentucky   5
Death 1882-12-11 Paxton, Illinois   5

Age: 78y 9m 14d

Burial   Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Parke Co., Indiana   5
Christening 4787      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father WALLINGFORD, Mark1778-01-011815-10-09
Mother WHALEY, Maryabout 17781849-11-23
         WALLINGFORD, Margaret 1804-02-27 1882-12-11
    Sister     WALLINGFORD, Prudence 1806-08-15 1895-02-01
    Sister     WALLINGFORD, Nancy 1808-11-12 1882-02-07
    Brother     WALLINGFORD, Basil 1811-07-15
    Sister     WALLINGFORD, Phoebe 1813-08-22
    Brother     WALLINGFORD, Mark 1815-09-15 1842-10-04


Family of PAYTON, Anthony and WALLINGFORD, Margaret

Married Husband PAYTON, Anthony ( * 1801-01-15 + 1853-11-13 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1818-08-17 Mason Co., Kentucky Religious Marriage 6
Name Birth Date Death Date
PAYTON, Julina1820-05-281893-02-21
PAYTON, William1822-06-071888-09-07
PAYTON, James Franklin1825-04-081893-05-08
PAYTON, Mark Wallingford1827-07-071845-07-14
PAYTON, Mary Wallingford1830-05-03about 1863
PAYTON, Thomas1832-05-121912-01-23
PAYTON, George Washington1837-06-091840-11-00
PAYTON, Laureny Douglas1839-09-021881-11-00
PAYTON, Louisa D.1840before 1853
PAYTON, John L.1842-09-021920-02-02
PAYTON, Sarah E.1843
PEYTON, Harvey H.1850-10-221888-08-08