de Lacy, Pernel 1

Birth Name de Lacy, Pernel
Gender female
Age at Death 88 years, 10 months, 24 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1200 Trim Castle, Meath, Ireland   2
Death 1288-11-25 Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England   2

Age: 88y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Lacy, Walter11721241-12-00
Mother de Braose, Margaret1177
    Brother     de Lacy, Gilbert 1198
         de Lacy, Pernel 1200 1288-11-25
    Sister     de Lacy, Egidia 1205


Family of de Toeni, Ralph VI and de Lacy, Pernel

Married Husband de Toeni, Ralph VI ( * 1188 + 1239-09-29 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1233     3a
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Toeni, Constance1215
de Toeni, Roger V1235-09-291264-05-12
de Toeni, Ralph VII1255

Source References

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      • Source text:

        ID: I10870
        Name: *Ralph VI DE TOENI
        Sex: M
        Name: Ralph DE TOENI V
        Birth: ABT 1188 in Clifford Castle, Clifford, Herefordshire, England
        Birth: ABT 1189 in Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England
        Birth: ABT 1189 in Flamsted, Hertfordshire, England
        Death: 29 SEP 1239 in at Sea
        Death: 1239 in At Sea
        Occupation: Lord of Flamstead 1
        Ralph de Toeni V, Lord of Flamstead, etc., died at sea while on his way to the Holy Land in 1239. He received from Richard, Earl of Cornwall, grant of the lordship of Bliston, and the manors of Carnanton and Helston in Trigg, Helston-Tony. He married after 1232, as her 1st husband, Petronella de Lacy, daughter of Walter de Lacy. She brought to him the manors of Brentford and Jackhull in Hereford.
        (Kin of Mellcene Thurman Smith, page 609)


        Father: Roger IV DE TOENI b: ABT 1156 in Flamsted, Hertfordshire, England
        Mother: *Constance of BEAUMONT b: ABT 1160 in South Towlon, Devonshire, England

        Marriage 1 Maud b: ABT 1200

        Marriage 2 Alice CHENEY b: ABT 1092 in Clifford Castle, Clifford, Herefordshire, England
        Married: ABT 1113 in Flamstead, Herefordshire, England

        Marriage 3 *Petronilla DE LACY b: ABT 1200 in Trim Castle, Meath, Ireland
        Married: ABT 1233
        *Constance DE TOENI b: AFT 1233 in Castle Maud, Radnor, Wales
        *Roger V DE TOENI b: 29 SEP 1235 in Flamsted, Hertfordshire, England

        Title: Kin of Mellcene Thurman Smith
        Page: 609


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