Svensdottir, Estrid 1 2

Birth Name Svensdottir, Estrid
Gender female
Age at Death less than 76 years



Stammtafeln contradicts itself with reference to her. In Bund II Tafel 36 it says she married Richard II in 1017; in Bund II tafel 70 it says she married Robert I and not Richard. Univ. of Hull DB shows both links.


"Estrid was born around 990 *or* around 997."

"In 1047, her son became king in Denmark due to his mother's descent, and is hence known by the matronymic Sven Estridssen. Estrid herself was granted the *honorary title* of Queen [...] despite the fact that *she was not a monarch* nor the spouse of one."

"THE DATE OF HER DEATH IS UNKNOWN, but it can be no earlier than 1057 or later than 1073, as it is known that Bishop William of Roskilde officiated at her funeral, and he was in office between 1057 and 1073."

"She was widely believed to have been buried in the northeastern pier of the Roskilde Cathedral, but a DNA test in 2003 DISPELLED THE MYTH as the remains belonged to a woman much too young to be Estrid."



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 997 Denmark   2
Death before 1073 Roskilde, Somme herred, Roskilde amt, Danmark   3

Age: 76y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Haraldsson of Denmark, Sveyn I9651013-02-02
Mother Skoglar-Testedot, Sigrid Storrada9501013-02-02
         Svensdottir, Estrid 997 before 1073
    Sister     , Svantoslava


Family of Thorkilsson, Ulf and Svensdottir, Estrid

Married Husband Thorkilsson, Ulf ( * 980 + 1027-09-22 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1018     2
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ulfiusson, Bjorn9701049
Estridson, Sven II10091076-04-29
Ulfsdatter, Githa1020