Anscell, Rose

Birth Name Anscell, Rose
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1554 Bardford, Bedford, England   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Anscell, Thomas15201591-04-27
Mother Wheatley, Elizabeth15281597-11-07
    Brother     Anscell, Nicholas 1550
    Sister     Anscell, Agnes 1552
         Anscell, Rose 1554
    Sister     Anscell, Mary 1556 1619-03-01
    Sister     Anscell, Temperance 1558
    Brother     Anscell, Wheatley 1560
    Sister     Anscell, Elizabeth 1560
    Sister     Anscell, Anne 1564-08-02
    Brother     Anscell, Oliver 1567-09-23
    Brother     Anscell, Thomas 1568-01-26
    Sister     Anscell 1570

Source References

  1. James: @ RootsWeb The Carter Taylor Tree
      • Source text:

        ID: I01288
        Name: Thomas Anscell
        Sex: M
        Title: Esq.
        Birth: 1520 in Barford, Bedfordshire, England
        Death: 27 APR 1591 in "Barford," Bedford, England
        Burial: ABT 1591 Great Barford, Bedfordshire, England
        Reference Number: 1288

        Father: Edward Anscell b: 1494 in Westmonton, Somerset County, England
        Mother: Wethlyan Powell b: 1498 in "Barford," Bedford, England

        Marriage 1 Elizabeth Wheatley b: ABT 1528 in Barford, Bedfordshire, England
        Married: ABT 1555
        Nicholas Anscell b: ABT 1550 in Of Bardford, Bedford, England c: 5 JUL 1570 in , Great Barford, Bedfordshire, England
        Agnes Anscell b: ABT 1552 in Bardford, Bedford, England
        Rose Anscell b: ABT 1554 in Bardford, Bedford, England
        Mary Anscell b: 1556 in "Barford," Bedford, England
        Temperance Anscell b: ABT 1558 in Barford, Bedford, England
        Wheatley Anscell b: ABT 1560 in <, Great Barford, Bedfordshire, England>
        Elizabeth Anscell b: ABT 1560 in Barford, Bedford, England
        Anne Anscell b: 2 AUG 1564 in Barford, Bedford, England c: 2 AUG 1564 in , Great Barford, Bedfordshire, England
        Oliver Anscell b: 23 SEP 1567 in Of Bardford, Bedford, England c: 23 SEP 1567 in , Great Barford, Bedfordshire, England
        Thomas Anscell b: 26 JAN 1568 in Of Barford, Bedford, England c: 29 JAN 1568 in , Great Barford, Bedfordshire, England
        Anscell b: ABT 1570 in Barford, Bedford, England


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