Danes, Skjold

Birth Name Danes, Skjold
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


# Note: A. Early legendary kings of Denmark.

# Note: Skyold - ruled Denmark at an uncertain date.

According to the "Ynglinga Saga", Odin had a son named Skjold (meaning "shield"). Skjold led his followers to the Danish island of Sjaelland and became the father of the earliest Danish royal dynasty. Later Skane, the Jutland penninsula, and the island of Fyn also submitted to Skjold. Thus the roughly-shaped borders of medieval Denmark were defined early on.

The Danish historian Saxo places Skjold's reign much later, making him the grandson of a ruler named Dan. And even "Beowulf" mentions Skjold, telling us that he mysteriously arrived in Denmark as a helpless but treasure-laden child. There he won many victories and established Denmark's royal line. What all these stories have in common is that a ruler name Skjold came to Sjaelland, added Fyn and Skane to his domains, and became the progenitor of a Danish monarchy. [Royal Families of Medieval Scandinavia, Flanders, and Kiev]

# Note: Title: Royal Families of Medieval Scandinavia, Flanders, and Kiev, by Rupert Alen & Anna Dahlquist, 1997, King's River Publ.
# Note: Page: 74



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 237 Hleithra, Denmark   1
Event Note

B: Abt. 237



Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father of Asgard, Odin215306
Mother Siluria, Friege de223
    Brother     Swedes, Njord 228
    Brother     of Asgard, Winta Odinsson 233
         Danes, Skjold 237
    Brother     Odinsson 241
    Brother     Odinsson, Baeldaeg 244
    Brother     , Wecta With I 249 350
    Brother     of Asgard, Seaxneat Odinsson 249
    Brother     , Casere 251
    Brother     , Waegdagg 254
    Brother     , Wihtlaeg 255


Family of Danes, Skjold and , Gefion

Married Wife , Gefion ( * 241 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 258   Religious Marriage  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Skjoldsson, Fridleif259