Arshamid, Artabazos I

Birth Name Arshamid, Artabazos I
Gender male


Satrap of Daskyleon Artabazos I Arshâmid died 0449 B.C..1 Satrap of Daskyleon, Anatolia, Persian Empire, 0477-0468 B.C..3 He was a general 0480-0479 B.C..1 He was the son of Governor of Persepolis Pharnaces Arshâmid.4 He was born 0525 B.C..1 Also called Artabates.5
Children of Satrap of Daskyleon Artabazos I Arshâmid:
Satrap of Daskyleon Pharnabazos I Arshâmid+ b. 0480 B.C., d. 0414 B.C.
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Event Date Place Description Sources
Event Note

Birth: 525 B.C.

Death: 449 B.C.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Arshamid, Pharnakes
         Arshamid, Artabazos I


Family of Arshamid, Artabazos I and

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Name Birth Date Death Date
Arshamid, Pharnabazos I


  1. Arshamid, Pharnakes
      1. Arshamid, Artabazos I
          1. Arshamid, Pharnabazos I