Roberts, Casper Ray

Birth Name Roberts, Casper Ray
Gender male
Age at Death 40 years, 9 months, 25 days


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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1922-02-12 Durham Co, NC    
Baptism 402F9C2C87724CA49ECB135780FEFEF7660A      
Death 1962-12-08 Durham, Durham Co, NC    

Age: 40y 9m 26d

Burial 1962-12-09 Buffalo Cemetery, Sanford, Lee Co, NC    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Roberts, Earl Charles1892-12-211957-02-17
Mother Rimmer, Clarice M.1897
         Roberts, Casper Ray 1922-02-12 1962-12-08
    Brother     Roberts, Wayne Cecil 1932-03-04 1969-07-27
    Brother     Roberts, Landreth W. 620489D661BE4E7D9023DE3DCAFE6B732324
    Brother     Roberts, James R. 3ACDA2F64E164E4E8F4302978D008C3A5D33
    Sister     Roberts, Hazel 4F5741353817416AA644C720DC5D370B627F
    Brother     Roberts, Lionel W. C272E8962BA143E2A4F9B159AB3288A04F5F


Family of Roberts, Casper Ray and Childress, Leona Mittie

Unknown Partner Childress, Leona Mittie ( * AE08D4C6CE8F4AFB9068EEACA13BDC306CE7 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Roberts, Wayne Cecil