Saxony, Bernard I (Benno) Billung

Birth Name Saxony, Bernard I (Benno) Billung
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 954 Luneburg, Saxony, Germany   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Saxony, Hermann Billung910973-03-27
Mother Westerburg, Hildegardis von918
    Sister     Saxony, Mathilde 937 1008-05-25
    Brother     of Saxony, Bernhard Billung I 940 1011-01-09
    Brother     von Sachsen, Luitger 948
    Brother     von Saxony, Wichman 950
    Sister     of Hereford, Imma 952
         Saxony, Bernard I (Benno) Billung 954
    Sister     of Saxony, Swanhilde 956 1014-11-26

Source References

  1. Michael Neuman: Neuman-Smith-Goodale Family and Ancestors
      • Source text:

        ID: I001530
        Name: Herman Billung , Duke Von Saxony
        Sex: M
        Birth: ABT 910 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany
        Death: 27 MAR 973 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany
        The Christianizing of the Wends
        Henry the Fowler, we must remember, was a Saxon. Therefore the Saxon tribe of Germans which Charlemagne had subjugated and forced to accept Christianity, had now become the chief tribe of the German kingdom, stronger even then the Franks. These Saxons in their turn took up the vigorous work of spreading Christianity by force. While King Henry held his people back from attacking the Huns, he kept them practiced in arms by directing them against the Sclavic races which we now hear of for the first time as beginning to press upon the Germans from the east. The first of these Sclavs to encounter the heavy handed conversion of the Saxons were a people called the Wends, dwelling in what is now eastern Prussia.
        The Saxons marched against the Wends in several expeditions, the most noted being led by a fierce old chieftain called Herman Billung. Herman gave each captured Wend the choice of Christianity or death, and having no strong devotion to their own gods, they accepted a nominal Christianity. So completely was the power of the Wends broken that they continued to exist only as slaves of the Saxons. Indeed it was here that the word `sclav' began naturally to be used in its German and English sense as indicating a slave.

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        Father: Billung II, Count Von Saxony b: ABT 874 in Niederlahngau, Hesse, Thüringen, Saxony
        Mother: Alda Ferderunda b: ABT 878

        Marriage 1 Hildegarde Von Westerburg b: ABT 915 in Westerburg, Hessen Nassau, Prussia
        Mathilde Von Sachsen b: ABT 937 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany
        Luitger Von Sachsen b: ABT 948 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany
        Count Von Saxony Wichman b: ABT 950 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany
        Abbess of Herford Imma b: ABT 952 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany
        Bernard I Billung , Duke of Saxony b: ABT 954 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany
        Schwanhilde Von Sachsen b: ABT 956 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany


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        Descendants and ancestors of George Smith and Eva Goodale