Roman, Charlemagne

Birth Name Roman, Charlemagne
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 9 months, 26 days


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Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, CAROLINGIAN king of the FRANKS, came to rule over most of Europe and assumed (800) the title of Roman emperor. He is sometimes regarded as the founder of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. In 768 he and his brother Carloman inherited the Frankish kingdom (most of present-day France and a part of western Germany) from their father PEPIN THE SHORT. The entire kingdom passed to Charlemagne when Carloman died in 771. He inherited great wealth and a strong military organization from his father and brother. He used these assets to double the territory under Carolingian control. In 772 he opened his offensive against the SAXONS, and for more than three decades he pursued a ruthless policy aimed at subjugating them and converting them to Christianity. Almost every year Charlemagne attacked one or another region of Saxon territory. --4,500 Saxons were executed on a single day in 782--and deportations were used to discourage the stubborn. The Saxons proved to be a far more difficult enemy than any of the other peoples subjugated by Charlemagne. For example, the LOMBARDS were conquered in a single extended campaign 773-74), after which Charlemagne assumed the title "king of the Lombards." In 788 he absorbed the duchy of Bavaria, and soon thereafter he launched an offensive against the AVAR empire. The Avars succumbed within a decade, yielding Charlemagne a vast hoard of gold and silver. After one disastrous campaign (778) against the Muslims in Spain, Charlemagne left the southwestern front to his son Louis, (later Emperor LOUIS I) who, with the help of local Christian rulers, conquered Barcelona in 801 and controlled much of Catalonia by 814. On Christmas Day, 800, Charlemagne accepted the title of emperor and was crowned by Pope LEO III. For several years after he regarded the imperial title of being of little value. Moreover, he intended to divide his lands and titles among his sons, as was the Frankish custom. At his death on Jan. 28, 814, however, only one son, Louis, survived; Louis therefore assumed control of the entire Frankish empire.

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Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father France, Pepin III714768-09-24
Mother Laon, Berthe720783-07-12
         Roman, Charlemagne 742-04-02 814-01-28
    Sister     Martel, Bertbelle 750


Family of Roman, Charlemagne and Of Serbia, Hildegard Von Vinzgau

Unknown Partner Of Serbia, Hildegard Von Vinzgau ( * 757 + 783-04-30 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
of Ingelheim, Charles772811-12-04
Italy, Paepin773-04-28810-07-08
Carolingian, Rotrude775810-06-06
Roman, Louis I778-09-25840-06-20
Carolingian, Bertha779826-03-11

Family of Roman, Charlemagne and , Himiltrude

Unknown Partner , Himiltrude ( * 746 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
France, Aupais Aupals760855-04-26

Family of Roman, Charlemagne and

Unknown Partner ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Duodene, Liegarde843-02-02