PAYTON, Rhoda Ellen 1 2 3 4

Birth Name PAYTON, Rhoda Ellen
Gender female
Age at Death 79 years, 8 months


There was a stillborn child of George McMurtry in Parke County on July 24, 1897.
BIOGRAPHY: Taught music; pursued her musical education under ProfessorZobel at Terre Haute, Indiana.
Pictured on cover of Parke Place, Vol. 3, No. 9 (Sep., 1983).
Rockville Tribune 3-6-1901: "Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jarvis, of Waveland, visited over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George McMurtry." "Mr. and Mrs. Will Durham, of Waveland, visited their little son, Frank, Sunday, who is being cared for by Mrs. George McMurtry."

Rockville Tribune 11-11-1919: "Mrs. George McMurtry of Judson entertained at dinner last Thursday the following ladies: Mrs. Mary Blue, Mrs. Frank Harding, Mrs. John McCord, Mrs. C. H. Ault, Mrs. John Linebarger of Rockville, and Mrs. Ideoma Armstrong of Judson. The dinner was given in honor of Mrs. Blue, who in company with Mrs. Olive Torbet leaves next week for California. Mrs. Torbet has purchased an apartment house in Los Angeles and expects to make California her home."

Rockville Tribune 5-18-1910: "Mr. and Mrs. G. W. McMurtry, with L. C. Lundgren, were at Marshall, Sunday."

DEATH: Larricks has death in Judson, Parke County.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1864-08-25 Parkeville, Parke Co., Indiana   3
Death 1944-04-25 Waveland, Montgomery Co., Indiana   4

Age: 79y 8m 0d

Burial   Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Parke Co., Indiana    
Christening 7482 /Ella/    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father PAYTON, Thomas1832-05-121912-01-23
Mother STOUT, Martha Ann1833-09-121909-03-10
    Brother     PAYTON, James Anthony 1853-01-11 after 1882
    Sister     PAYTON, Mary Frances 1854-12-14 1922-03-25
    Brother     PAYTON, William Harvey 1857-07-02 1940-04-24
    Sister     PAYTON, Sarah Jane 1859-12-13 1945-01-26
    Sister     PAYTON, Nancy Alice 1862-05-05 1907-03-25
         PAYTON, Rhoda Ellen 1864-08-25 1944-04-25
    Brother     PAYTON, George Washington 1866-10-11 1867-10-15
    Brother     PAYTON, John A. 1868-10-31 1878-09-14
    Brother     PEYTON, Ora Whaley 1871-05-20 1934-12-06
    Brother     PAYTON, James T. about 1872
    Brother     PAYTON, Omer Tilden 1876-07-29 1939-02-27
    Brother     PAYTON, LaFollette 26375