Dunkeld of Scots, David I 1

Birth Name Dunkeld of Scots, David I
Nick Name The Saint
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years, 4 months, 22 days


David I, known as "the Saint", (1084 - 1153), king of Scotland, the youngest son of Malcolm Canmore and of Saint Margaret (sister of Edgar Ætheling), was born in 1084. He married in 1113 Matilda, daughter and heiress of Waltheof, Earl of Northumbria, and thus gained possession of the earldom of Huntingdon.

On the death of Edgar, king of Scotland, in 1107, the territories of the Scottish crown were divided in accordance with the terms of his will between his two brothers, Alexander and David. Alexander, together with the crown, received Scotland north of the Forth and Clyde, David the southern district with the title of earl of Cumbria. The death of Alexander in 1124 gave David possession of the whole starting on April 27 of that year.

In 1127, in the character of an English baron, he swore fealty to Matilda as heiress to her father Henry I, and when the usurper Stephen ousted her in 1135 David vindicated her cause in arms and invaded England. But Stephen marched north with a great army, whereupon David made peace. The peace, however, was not kept. After threatening an invasion in 1137, David marched into England in 1138, but sustained a crushing defeat on Cutton Moor in the engagement known as the Battle of the Standard.

He returned to Carlisle, and soon afterwards concluded peace. In 1141 he joined Matilda in London and accompanied her to Winchester, but after a narrow escape from capture he returned to Scotland. Henceforth he remained in his own kingdom and devoted himself to its political and ecclesiastical reorganization. A devoted son of the church, he founded five bishoprics and many monasteries. In secular politics he energetically forwarded the process of feudalization which his immediate predecessors had initiated . He died at Carlisle on May 24 1153.

Original text from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1085 Scotland   1
Death 1153-05-23 Carlisle, Cumberland County, England   1

Age: 68y

Burial   Dunfermline, Scotland   2


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Caenmoe Dunkeld of Scotland, Malcolm III10311093-11-13
Mother Atheling of Scotland, Margaret10451093-11-16
    Brother     of Scotland, Ethelred 1072
    Brother     of Scotland, Edgar 1074
    Brother     Dunkeld of Scotland, Alexander I 1077 1124-04-23
    Sister     of Scotland, Matilda 1079 1118-05-01
    Sister     Dunkeld, Mary 1084 1116-05-31
         Dunkeld of Scots, David I 1085 1153-05-23
    Brother     of Scotland, Edward
    Brother     of Scotland, Edmund


Family of Dunkeld of Scots, David I and of Huntingdon, Matilda

Married Wife of Huntingdon, Matilda ( * 1072 + 1130-04-23 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1113     2
Name Birth Date Death Date
of Scotland, Henry Caenmore11141152-06-12