Shipley, Richard 1a 2

Birth Name Shipley, Richard
Gender male
Age at Death 93 years, 1 month, 28 days


Richard Shipley, Jr. was born the 15th of November, 1814 in Tennessee the fourth identified son of Richard Shipley, Sr. and Hannah Retta Hughes.(1) He married 1) Julinda Windham/Windom in 1834 in Tennessee.(2) She was born the 14th of October, 1816 in what became Hamilton County, Tennessee in 1819,(3) perhaps to William Windom.(4) She had red hair. Her family operated a noted horse stable in Dallas, Hamilton County, Tennessee. A family legend told by Murrel R. Owen to his grandson Rick Albright was that, when courting, Richard had to row a boat across the river to visit Julinda. Richard worked as a blacksmith during the week and was a local preacher of the Methodist faith on the Sabbath.(5) The couple was living in Bledsoe County, Tennessee in 1835 when Nancy Ann was born. William Preston was born there in 1837. Supposedly, Julinda rowed across the Cumberland River with her babies to visit her folks when her babies were little.(6) By 1839 the family was in Hamilton County, Tennessee where Benjamin Rush was born. Family tradition is that they moved to Missouri in 1843.(7) It is more likely that they moved in 1842 since Sarah Elizabeth was born in Lawrence County, Missouri in February, 1843. Family folklore is that, "Richard left Tennessee because he was a Methodist minister and a Republican and the South called them all Yankees."(8) It is thought they traveled the Tennessee River, the Ohio River, the Mississippi River, and the Arkansas River to visit Richard's brother, Benjamin in Arkansas on their way to Missouri.(9) Their last four children were born in Lawrence County, Missouri: Reuben Richard in 1848, Mary Susan in 1849, Joseph Douty in 1852, and George about 1859. They were in Eddyville, Mahaska County, Iowa by the 11th of January, 1861 when Julinda died.(10) She is buried across the county line in Hayden Chapel Cemetery, Monroe County, Iowa probably the 14th of January, 1861.(11) Richard married 2) Amanda Cline the 12th of May, 1862 in Mahaska County, Iowa.(12) She died the 14th of February, 1863 in Iowa and is buried in West Des Moines Township, Mahaska County, Iowa.(13) There were no children born of this marriage. He married 3) Sarah Ann Fisher the 4th of July, 1863 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa.(14) She was born on the 14th of December, 1839 in Deer Creek Lower Township, Harford County, Maryland, USA to James Fisher and Jane Ellen Boyd.(15) Richard and Sarah had six children. Johnnie W. and Ellen Jane were born in Eddyville, Mahaska County, Iowa in 1863 and 1865, respectively. Hannah Rettie "Rita" was born in Allerton, Wayne County, Iowa in 1867. They then moved to Clio, Wayne County, Iowa where their last three children were born: Lulla May in 1869, Etta Eliza in 1872, and Eddie in 1874. Richard became dissatisfied with the Methodist Church and joined the Highland Baptist Church in Wayne County, Iowa where he was certified to preach the 13th of October, 1895. He died the 13th of January, 1908 in Clio, Wayne County, Iowa. Sarah died the 28th or 29th of April, 1918 in Clio, Iowa at the home of her daughter, Hannah Rettie (Shipley) Preston.(16) Richard and Sarah are buried in the Clio Cemetery.


(1) All information on Richard Shipley, Jr. and his descendants is from R. Cecil Shipley unless otherwise noted. His sources were: 1) C.M. Crawley, Sr. of Longwood, Florida, 2) Rick Albright of Merced, California, 3) Allen Dale Garton, and 4) Barbara Howe who had a copy of Richard's death certificate with the above birth and death dates.
Some people give Richard's birthplace as Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Rick Albright says, "I have NEVER seen any record proving him to have been in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN at any time. The Rhea/Bledsoe/Hamilton area is his home place, to the best of my knowledge, and his residing there is proven several times over."

(2) Lynne Chandler lists Dallas, Tennessee as the place of marriage. Others have listed Nashville, Tennessee.

(3) Rick Albright of Merced, California at <> says that as far as he knows "that is her hometown. He has no evidence that she was ever anywhere else but in that region of Tennessee. Census records also give Tennessee as her place of birth."

(4) Rick Albright of Merced, California at <> says, "I suspect her father may have been named William based solely on the fact that no other person of that surname of the proper generation has so far come to light in Hamilton County." The only Windoms in the state of Tennessee on the 1840 census were William Windom in Hamilton County, and Sharlott Windom in Marion County (next to Hamilton).

(5) Doug Moomey says, "I don't think he became a preacher until after he moved to Missouri and possibly not until after he moved to Iowa. His obituary states "...He professed Christ in the year 1849 at the age of thirty-five years, became a member of the M.E. church and was a local minister for that denomination ....". Since he moved to Missouri sometime around 1841-1842, this would mean he was not baptized until after he lived in Missouri for 5-10 years."

(6) This story and Julinda's red hair are taken from the notes of Effie Belle Shipley Jewell. It is believed by some researchers that it was the Tennessee River or one of its tributaries that Julinda rowed across and not the Cumberland River since all the known evidence of birthplace or dwelling place for the Shipley, Hughes, and Windom families points to the area where Hamilton, Bledsoe, and Rhea counties intersect and there is no evidence that places any of these families in Davidson County where the Cumberland River is found. (The known evidence is from census records, official county death/estate/bankruptcy records and Union Army service/pension records, in some of the latter cases quoting the actual person involved as to where they were born or married.)

(7) Burnette Wishmeyer, January 13, 1978. From Raymond E. Newell who found this information in his mother's effects after her death (much of the information originated from Burnette Wishmeyer and was written in 1978). Shared by Dale Garton <>.

(8) "Taken from a book kept by Effie Belle Shipley Jewell, daughter of Rueben Richard Shipley." From Raymond E. Newell who found this information in his mother's effects after her death (much of the information originated from Burnette Wishmeyer and was written in 1978) and shared by Dale Garton <>.

(9) R. Cecil Shipley e-mail states that there is an extant letter Richard wrote to his nephew, a son of William Park Shipley.

(10) Her death date on the tombstone has been read as the 14 Jun 1862 but this conflicts with his subsequent marriage to Amanda Cline the 12th of May, 1862. It is now believed that she died on the 11th of January, 1861 which is the date listed on the cemetery records. The 14th of January, 1861 may be when she was buried.

(11) Take Route 34 to Albia, Iowa then north on 37. The chapel is on the north side of the road. Julinda and William (a son) are buried side by side with identical stones.

(12) Doug Moomey located the marriage records in Mahaska County. Amanda's father was George Cline, who was in Tazewell Co., Illinois just before 1830 until he moved to Mahaska County, Iowa in the late 1840s. His widow owned 40 acres in Des Moines Township, which later was sold to Cooper Boyd Fisher, brother of Richard Shipley's third wife, Sarah Ann. Richard also owned 40 acres in that township.

(13) Rick Albright of Merced, California at <>.

(14) From the Bible of Etta Shipley Owens as quoted to her great grandson, Rick Albright by her daughter, Mrs. Burnette Wishmeyer, now deceased. The Bible's whereabouts today are unknown to Rick. The Mahaska County Marriage Records confirm this date.

(15) Rick Albright says: "The 14 Dec 1839 date came from Richard Shipley's Bible as quoted by my grandfather and his sister, but I did NOT personally see the entry. However, Sarah Ann Fisher Shipley's newspaper obit says she "... was born in the state of Maryland in the year of 1839 and passed away April 29, 1918 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Rettie Preston at the age of 79 years, 4 months and 15 days."" If Sarah's December 1839 birth is correct, her mom must have become pregnant with Sarah quite soon after delivering another child as Sarah's brother Stephen John Fisher was supposedly born 11 Feb 1839. Some give her birth year as 1836.
From the Bible of Etta Shipley Owens as quoted to her great grandson, Rick Albright by her daughter, Mrs. Burnette Wishmeyer, now deceased. The Bible's whereabouts today are unknown to Rick.

(16) The cemetery book date of the 28th, varies by one day from the obit date, 29th.

Compiled and written by Susan Kimes Burgess as of May 9, 2005
This obituary appeared in the Allerton News under the column titled Clio, in one of the January issues of 1908. It was copied and typed as written by A. D. Garton on February 23, 2002. <ADG3679 at aol dot com>

Richard Shipley

Richard Shipley was born in Tennisee Nov. 15, 1814 and died at Clio, Iowa, January 13, 1908, having reached the extreme age of ninety-three years and almost two months, and retained his mental and physical powers powers in a wonderful degree. He was first married in 1834 to Zulinda Windham in Tennisee. The date of her death we unable to give. To this union were born five sons and three daughters, of who two sons and three daughters remain. He was again married to Miss Amanda Kline in south Missouri, who lived thereafter but about a year leaving no children. In July 1861 he was married to Miss Sarah A. Fisher. To this union were born two sons and four daughters of whom three daughters remain. All his surviving children were present together for the first time in forty years, and were recognized by uncle Dick as he was most familiarly known to the last moments of his life. Besides the seven sons and daughters mentioned, Mrs. Nancy Hunt of south Missouri, Benj. F. Shipley of Jefferson township, Mrs. Mary Garton of Clay township, Richard Shipley of Brock, Neb, and Madams Ella Cook, Etta Owen and Rittie Preston of Clio, he leaves forty-five grand children, seventy-five great grand children, and six great great grand children.
Mr. Shipley made a profession of the religion of Christ in the year 1849 and became a member of the Methodist church and for many years served the church as an efficient local preacher. About 1895 he changed his connection to the Baptist church where his order as a lay preacher was also recognized. By trade he was a blacksmith, and in his day pronounced a good one, and worked at the anvil until he had passed the allotted space of three score and ten years, working in the shop week days and preaching as opportunity offered on Sabbaths. The funeral services were held at the M. E. church in Clio and conducted by his long time friend, Elder G. W. Smith of Fairfield, Iowa, a great number attending to show their marks of respect for a strong and good man passing away with the frosts of many years upon his honored head.
Research of R. Cecil Shipley:
1840 United States Census
Name: Ricd Shipley
Township: Not Stated
County: Hamilton
State: Tennessee
Roll: 525
Page: 184
Richard Shipley
Male age 20-29, one
Female age 20-29, one
Male age under 5, two
Female age under 5, one
Male age 70-79, one
Official enumeration date is 01 June 1840,

1850 United States Census
Name: Richard Shipley
Age: 36
Estimated birth year: abt 1814
Birth place: Tennessee
Gender: Male
Home in 1850
(City,County,State): District 47, Lawrence, Missouri
Page: 288
Roll: M432_404
Enumerated 14 September 1850,
Family 268/272,
Richard Shipley,36,m,blacksmith,100,TN,
Julinda Shipley,33,f,TN,
Nancy Ann Shipley,16,f,TN,
William Shipley,14,m,TN,
Benjamin Shipley,11,m,TN,
Sarah E. Shipley,8,f,MO,
Richard Shipley,4,m,MO,
Mary S. Shipley,1,f,MO,

1860 United States Census
Name: Richard Shiply
Age in 1860: 46
Birthplace: Tennessee
Home in 1860: Des Moines, Mahaska, Iowa
Gender: Male
Value of real estate: 400/200
Occupation: Farmer
Post Office: Oskaloosa and Eddyville
Roll: M653_334
Page: 16
Year: 1860
Enumerated 07 June 1860,
Family 109/109,
Name Home in 1860 Age in 1860 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Gender
Richard Shiply Des Moines, Mahaska, IA 46 1813 Tennessee Male
Julenda Shiply Des Moines, Mahaska, IA 44 1815 Tennessee Female, not read or write
Sarah E Shiply Des Moines, Mahaska, IA 17 1842 Missouri Female
Richard Shiply Des Moines, Mahaska, IA 14 1845 Missouri Male
Page 17
Susan Shiply Des Moines, Mahaska, IA 11 1848 Missouri Female
Joseph Shiply Des Moines, Mahaska, IA 7 1852 Missouri Male

1870 United States Census
Name: Richard Shipley
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1815
Age in 1870: 55
Birthplace: Tennessee
Home in 1870: Grand River, Wayne, Iowa
Family and neighbors: View Results
Race: White
Gender: Male
Value of real estate: View Image
Post Office: Grand River
Roll: M593_425
Page: 297
Image: 103
Year: 1870
Enumerated 13 August 1870,
Family 73/73,
Richard Shipley,55,m,w,farmer,2000,500,TN,
Sarah A. Shipley,32,f,w,keeps house,MD,
Joseph Shipley,17,m,w,farm work,MO,
Ellen J. Shipley,5,f,w,at home,IA,
Hennetta Shipley,3,f,w,at home,IA,
Lulu M. Shipley,1,f,w,at home,IA,

Source: 1880 Federal Census, FHL Film 1254369, National Archives Film T9-0369, Page 328D
Census Place: Jefferson, Wayne County, Iowa
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Richard SHIPLEY Self M M W 65 TN Occ: Farmer Fa: TN Mo: TN
Sarah Ann SHIPLEY Wife F M W 43 MD Occ: Keeps House Fa: MD Mo: MD
Ellen J. SHIPLEY Dau F S W 15 IA Occ: At Home Fa: TN Mo: MD
Hannah R. SHIPLEY Dau F S W 13 IA Occ: At Home Fa: TN Mo: MD
Etta May SHIPLEY Dau F S W 8 IA Occ: At Home Fa: TN Mo: MD

1900 United States Census
Name: Richard Shipley
Home in 1900: Grand River, Wayne, Iowa
Age: 85
Estimated birth year: 1815
Birthplace: Tennessee
Race: White
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Occupation: View Image
Image source: Year: 1900; Census Place: Grand River, Wayne, Iowa; Roll: T623 464; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 148
Enumerated 06 June 1900,
Family 190/191,
Richard Shipley,self,w,m,Nov 1814,85,m36,TN,TN,TN,
Sarah L. Shipley,wife,w,f,Dec 1837,62,m36,6/3,MD,MD,MD,
Susie Shipley,granddau,w,f,Jun 1886,13,s,IA,UNK,IA,at school,
FHL Film No. 1906294 Hamilton Co, TN Record Book ABC, Vol. 1 Register Transcribed by Jeri L. Corbitt,
Transcript Register Book D - Vol. 1 (Transcript Register) pp 162-163
Original Book Pages 150 and 151
Deed of Trust Book D, pages 158
Henry Daughtrey, sr.
T. W. Spicer
For the use of
D. J. Rawlings

I, Henry DAUGHTREY, sen., have this day bargained and sold and do hereby convey to Thos. W. SPICER, for the sum of one dollar to me paid and the other considerations herein after mentioned five hundred and fifty bushels of corn and fourteen year and a half old hogs, ears marked with a crop and two splits in the right ear and cross cut under the left ear, and nineteen acres of land in the State of Tennessee, Hamilton County, To have and to hold the same to the said Thos. W. SPICER, his heirs and assigns forever. I do covenant with the said Thos. W. SPICER, that I am lawfully seized of said property of said property have a good right to convey it and that the same is unincumbered. I do further covenant and bind myself, my heirs and representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to the said property and every part thereof to the said Thos. W. SPICER, his heirs and assigns against to lawful claim of all persons whatsoever. But this deed is made for the following uses and trusts and for no other purpose. That is to say I am indebted to one Daniel J. RAWLINGS, in the sum of One Hundred Dollars by note, under seal of this date and due on the 23rd day of December, 1839 and am desirous to secure and make certain the payment of the same. Now if I should pay the said debt at the time aforesaid, then this deed to be void, but if I should not, then the said Thos. W. SPICER, as Trustee, after giving notice in writing at the Court house door of said county ten days, and at two other places in the Seventh District in said county ten days previous to selling may expose the said property to public sale and sell it to the highest bidder for cash and appropriate the proceeds first to the payment of the necessary expences, and costs, secondly to the satisfaction of said debt of one hundred dollars to pay the balance if any there be to me. This, the 13th day of Nov. 1839.
Executed and delivered in the presence of the day and date above written
Henry DAUGHTERY, Sr. (seal)

State of Tennessee
Hamilton County
Personally appeared before me, Asahel Rawlings, Clerk of County Court of said County, Henry DAUGHTERY, the bargainor within named, with whom I am personally acquainted, who acknowledged the same to be his act and deed for the purposes therein contained. Given under my hand at office this 13th day of November, 1839. Asahel Rawlings, Clerk

State of Tennessee Register's Office, Nov. the 13th, 1839,
Hamilton County then was the within deed of Trust and the certificate of acknowledgement thereof Registered in this office in Book D, page 158.
Given under my hand at office in Dallas the date last above written.
J. S. Yarnell, Register
Death recorded in Book DR 3, p. 8.
Rick Albright's thoughts: "If Richard Shipley Jr. WAS pro-Union, that MIGHT explain why he didn't tary in Arkansas and also did not remain over long in Missouri. Both states had rather mixed loyalties at that time and we know some pro-Union Shipleys and their in-laws in Arkansas were the victims of bushwhackers/scalawags because of their unpopular views. I suspect the departure from Tennessee may have had more to do with the family falling on hard times there and lingering hard feelings about the possible feuds that sparked the earlier shootings. I have no proof, just a possible scenario."
This letter was in the possession of Elizabeth Shipley Collins of Kingsport, Sullivan County, Tennesee. After her death it was given to Marie Nelms, Elizabeth's neice, and descendant of Amanda Roller. Transcribed by Susan Kimes Burgess, May 31, 2005.

Clio, Iowa Mar. 12. 1903
Geo. Shipley.
Bluntsville Tenn.
Dear Nephew,
Not having
heard from you or your family
since 1861. and being desirous of
doing so, I concluded to write to
you. - I am your father's (William P's)
youngest brother. and am now
eighty-eight years of age. In good
health and strong for one of my
age. but almost blind.
If you know of any of your
uncles, except me. if living - or their
families if dead. I hope you will
write and let me know.
I have the following children,
now of nearly and some past middle
age, Benjamin R. living near Clio, Iowa
Mrs. Mary Garton, of Clay township
this county, Richard in Nebraska,
Nancy Ann Hunt in Missouri
of first family - -
Mrs. Etta Owen of Clio - or
near there . second family. - are all now living.
and ages in order given. Write soon
Your Uncle,
Richard Shipley
Clio, Wayne Co. Iowa
Addressed thusly:
Richard Shipley if not delivered
Clio Iowa. return to Bluntsville

Indian Springs R.F. D. #3
Mr. George Shipley
(son of William P. Shipley died about 1843)
Sullivan Co. Tennessee
On the envelope this is written:
"Postmaster, If Mr. George Shipley
or some of his family cannot be found, please open and read and answer.
& obliged
Richard Shipley,
Clio Iowa."
This is an excerpt from The Churches of Wayne County Iowa


Sept 1895 Rev. R. Shipley was recieved into the church and baptized by Rev. C. W. Headly in the presence of a vast concourse of people. The scene they presented as they stood in the water on that beautiful day is one never to be forgotten. The candidate, a man of 80 years, with his form bowed with the weight of years and the administrator a man scarcely more than a boy in the health and vigor of young manhood.

The Hiland Baptist Church was about 2 miles north of Clio and was built in 1875.

Ray Newell
A descendent of Richard and Julinda Windom Shipley


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1814-11-15 , , Tennessee, USA   3
Death 1908-01-13 Clio, Wayne County, Iowa, USA   2

Age: 93y 1m 29d

Burial   Clio Cemetery, Clio, Wayne County, Iowa, USA   3


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father SHIPLEY, Richardabout 17751820-02-01
Mother HUGHES, Henriettaabout 17801857-11-15
    Brother     SHIPLEY, Benjamin Franklin 1805-01-01 1881-08-26
    Brother     Shipley, Nathan about 1807 after 1880
    Sister     SHIPLEY, [--?--] about 1810
         Shipley, Richard 1814-11-15 1908-01-13
    Brother     Shipley, William Park about 1815 1843-03-25
    Sister     Shipley?, Elizabeth about 1817 between 1854 and 1858


Family of Shipley, Richard and Windom, Julinda

Married Wife Windom, Julinda ( * 1816-10-14 + 1862-06-14 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1834 Nashville, , Tennessee, USA Religious Marriage 4
Name Birth Date Death Date
Shipley, Nancy Ann1835-01-021914-02-19
Shipley, William Preston1837-10-101862-10-20
Shipley, Benjamin Rush1839-03-301936-01-11
Shipley, Sarah Elizabeth1843-02-071897-04-17
Shipley, Reuben Richard1848-08-111932-09-01
Shipley, Mary Susan1849-03-061910-04-16
Shipley, Joseph Douty1852-06-121886-11-04
Shipley, Georgeabout 1859

Family of Shipley, Richard and Cline, Amanda

Married Wife Cline, Amanda ( * 1831-02-02 + 1863-03-14 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1862-05-12 , Mahaska County, Iowa, USA Religious Marriage 5

Family of Shipley, Richard and Fisher, Sarah Ann

Married Wife Fisher, Sarah Ann ( * 1839-12-14 + 1918-04-28 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1863-07-04 Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa, USA Religious Marriage 6
Name Birth Date Death Date
Shipley, Johnnie W.18631865
Shipley, Ellen Jane1865-07-021944-02-00
Shipley, Hannah Rettie1867-01-021929-05-24
Shipley, Lulla May1869-04-191869-10-13
Shipley, Etta Eliza1872-10-281958-02-13
Shipley, Eddie1874-07-211875-12-27

Source References

  1. Susan: Burgess-Fisher-Ebert-Anderson-Kames-Peterson-Hofacker-Smith
      • Source text:

        ID: I40722
        Name: Francis Hughes
        Sex: M
        Birth: 1759 in , (later Dunmore County and renamed Shenandoah County), Virginia 1
        Death: 25 JAN 1841 in , Bledsoe County, Tennessee, USA 1
        Residence: 24 OCT 1782 , Washington County now Greene County, Tennessee, USA
        Residence: JUN 1776 , Rowan County now Western Burke County, North Carolina
        Residence: BET 1776 AND 1782 Watauga area, North Carolina (now Eastern Tennessee) Lesley
        Residence: BET 1793 AND 1841 , Greene County, Tennessee, USA
        Is Hannah Retta Hughes a child of Francis Hughes born about 1759??? It is pure conjecture she is. There is no proof or any documentation for this hypothesis other than the close proximity of Hardeman (Hardy) Hughs to Benjamin Shipley, son of Hannah Retta, in the 1830 Hamilton County, Tennessee census. Hardeman Hughs may be a son of Francis Hughes; that is not proved either. In 1860 Nathan Shipley, son of Hannah Retta, was living next door to John Hughes born about 1779 and the son of Francis Hughes. Ephraim Hughes, son of John Hughes, son of Francis Hughes lived in the same town.

        He died while residing with his daughter Margaret in Bledsoe Co., TN. His heirs were as follows: John and Margaret Hughes, Ingabo and Rebecca Hixson


        JUN 1776 Rev. War, he entered military service in Burke Co., NC. He served as a ranger on the western Catawba Frontier, scouting against hostile Cherokee and Creek Indians. August 1776 he joined Rutherford's troops and fought in the Cherokee Expedition.
        Military pension 21 JUL 1833 As a resident of Greene Co., TN, age 74 years, he applied for a Federal pension. He was awarded an annual pension of $51.66. In his pension declaration, he mentions an engagement in which eighteen Indians were killed.
        As documented by descendants of John Hewes, privately published by Eben Putnam, New Your, 1913, Call Number Cs71.H892.
        FEBRUARY 18, 1780. (185) Called Court on Francis Hughes, for larceny--Sent to Richmond for trial. Witnesses: Hugh Brown, and Rebecca, his wife.
        Friend of John Sevier
        Ranger in State of Franklin1785-To Bledsoe Co 1832 with unmarried Margaret, daughter.
        3rd NC Regiment on Rev. War
        Correspondent Donna Blackburn Could he have had a Cherokee Wife?
        Battle of Kings Mt.Samuel Williams Co.-With John Sevier 1782 Cherokee Expidition
        Hamilton County Pioneers by John Wilson

        Francis Hughes Sr

        Date and place of birth: c1697 PA near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Date and place of death: 1777 VA probably Augusta County (present day Rockingham County), Virginia
        Names of children: John Hughes Sr b bef 1732 PA d 1791 Greene Co, TN sp Sarah ; Aaron Hughes b c1734 PA d 1799 Jefferson TN sp Mary Moore ; Francis Hughes Jr b c1740 ; Ingebo Hughes b. 1730 PA
        Names of parents: Charles Hughes b c1665 Wales d c1711 & Rebecca ???
        Siblings: John Hughes; Anne Hughes; Rebecca Hughes
        Name of spouse: Christine, probably in Pennsylvania, bet. 1720 - 1734, probably near Philadelphia, PA, possibly the daughter of Swan Rambo or Andrew Bird

        Francis Hughes

        Date and place of birth: c1759 VA
        Date and place of death: 1841 Bledsoe Co, TN
        Names of children: John Hughes b 1779 d 1871 sp Jane Skiles b c1780 ; Margaret Hughes d aft 1841 ; Clarissa Hughes b 1760/1770 sp-John Lovelady s/o John Lovelady and Sarah Morgan ; Ingebo Hughes sp-William Hixson md 6 Sep 1795 Greene Co, TN ; Rebecca Hughes sp-Timothy S Hixson ; John Hughes ; Margaret Hughes ; Hardeman (Hardy) Hughes b 1770/1780 NC d 1830/1840 Hamilton Co, TN sp-Sinthia Cook md 27 Feb Grainger Co, TN
        Names of parents: John Hughes Sr b bef 1732 d 1791 Greene Co, TN sp Sarah
        Name of spouse: 1. Rebecca Allen b. abt. 1760 d. bef. Jan 25, 1841
        2. Elizabeth Long, July 28, 1802, Greene Co. TN marriage licenses of Francis Hughs to Elizabeth Long with Timothy Hixon as witness;
        possibly separated in 1803, per David M. Hughes referencing Beavert notes, or divorced per record of a Francis Hughes filing for divorce from Elizabeth Hughes February 27, 1816.

        * Mary Ann "Polly" Hughes

        Memories and Stories

        Francis Hughes was born in Shenandoah County, VA in the year 1759. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, he was living in Western Burke (then Rowan) County, NC. He later was "unsettled", but apparently was residing in the Watauga area of east Tennessee, then North Carolina.

        Francis Hughes first entered military service in Burke County, NC in June 1776. He served as a ranger on the western Catawba Frontier, scouting against the hostile Cherokee and Creek Indians. He served in Capt. Penland's Company. In August 1776, Hughes joined up with Rutherford's troops and took part in the Cherokee Expedition of August-October 1776, In his pension declaration, he mentions an engagement in which eighteen Indians were killed.

        In January 1777, he enlisted in Col. John Seviers Regiment. Their purpose was to clear the Watauga Settlements from Indian incursions. He helped to erect and and garrison a fort on the Nolachukey River (at Gallaker's orGallagher's).

        In September 1780, Hughes volunteered under Col. Sevier (Capt. Samuel William's Company) and took part in the great King's Mountain Expedition of September and October 1780. The march culminated in the American Victory at King's Mountain, SC on October 7, 1780.

        His final tour of duty was for a period of one month under Col. Sevier. This consisted of a short march to Cherokee country and back.

        About the second marriage: A woman named Mary Ann "Dolly" Miller, the wife of Thornton Miller, claimed that she was a half-sister to John Hughes, the son of Francis Hughes and Rebecca Allen. As Kay White has noted,

        "Francis, in his will, listed ALL of his living legal heirs - IF Mary Ann was living at the time of the Will (1841), she was not his daughter, although she could have possibly been a step-daughter - IF she was deceased at that time, the possibility of either does exist - this bears further study." (12)

        Francis without a will:

        "Francis Hughes did not leave a will. The document referred to as a will was actually a court declartion made by Francis' children. They went to court to swear that they were the only living, legal heirs in order to collect their father's pension. It is known that they did not include a half sister, Mary Ann (Polly) Hughes who married Thornton Miller."
        --Jeanne Bowman Overbay, Feb. 26, 2000

        Francis Hughes is documented in Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western North Carolina.

        Francis Hughes apparently moved from Burke County, NC to Watauga some time during the war... He was in Greene Co TN, by 1782.... He continued to reside in East Tennessee for the remainder of his life.

        "Francis Hughs" appears in Greene Co TN's 1797 tax list in Captain Jas. Penney's Company as owning 1210 acres, 1 white poll, and 3 black polls.

        On July 21, 1833, as a resident of Greene County, TN, age 74 years, he applied for a Federal pension. He was awarded an annual pension of $51.66. In his pension application children are mentioned, but not by name. (See below).(6)

        Francis Hughes died January 25, 1841... while residing with his daughter Margaret in Bledsoe County, TN. His wife predeceased him. His heirs were as follows: John Hughes, Margaret Hughes, Ingabow Hixon and Rebecca Hixon.

        Francis Hughes pension record, as documented by Descendants of John Hewes, privately published by Eben Putanm, New York, 1913, Call Number Cs71.H892:

        "Francis Hughes was of Green County, Tenn., 21 July, 1833, then aged 74 years, when he applied for pension, alleging that he resided in Burke County, N. C., in June, 1776, when he enlisted as a ranger in North Carolina, under Capt. Penland, in the command of Gen. McDowell, and served two months and a half against the Cherokee and Creek Indians.

        "On his return from this tour of service, he met the troops under Gen. Rutherford on their march to the Cherokee Nation, and volunteered under Rutherford. The expedition proceeded to the "Nation." In the overhill towns the Indians embodied, and an engagement ensued in which the Indians were defeated with a loss of 18 killed. This tour of service lasted from August, 1776, to December, 1776, four months.

        "In Jan., 1777, he volunteered under Col. John Sevier to retake the western settlements on the Watoga. Seviers' force was employed in building a fort for defense at "Gallaker's" on "Nola Sheeky" river, in the present State of Tennessee. Hughes was stationed there for twelve months.

        "Under the Act of North Carolina calling for new levies, he volunteered in Sept., 1780, for an expedition, under Col. Sevier, against Ferguson. He was in Capt. Samuel Williams' company and marched with Campbell's Virginia troops across the "Yellow Mountains" into North Carolina, and there met the militia under General McDowell, and in October was present at the battle of King's Mountain.

        "After the battle he helped guard the prisoners on the march to the "Barrix" for exchange, serving three months. In the winter of 1780 he again volunteered and was led by Col. Sevier against the Cherokee Indians and marched to the borders of their country, but the Indians had retired. He was one month in this service. His total service was 21 months and 14 days.

        "He was born in Shenandoah Co Va., in 1759, and had lived in Washington County, afterward in Greene County. He was living in 1839. "

        Francis Hughes may have used his Revolutionary War service to qualify for work as a ranger, as noted in the following passages from Goodspeed's History of Greene County, 1887:

        > "In 1783, the General Assembly of North Carolina passed an act dividing Washington County for the second time, and establishing the county of Greene. On the third Monday of August, the court of pleas and quarter sessions met at the house of Robert Carr, which stood near to what is known as the Big Spring in Greeneville.

        "The magistrates present were Joseph Hardin, John Newman, George Doherty, James Houston, Amos Bird and Asahel Rawlings. Daniel Kennedy was elected clerk; James Wilson, sheriff; William Cocke, attorney for the State; Joseph Hardin, Jr., entry taker; Isaac Taylor, surveyor, Richard Woods, register, and Francis Hughes, ranger."

        > "In May, 1785, the county was reorganized under the State of Franklin, and all the officers who were reappointed were required to take a new oath of office. The magistrates who appeared and qualified were Joseph Hardin, George Doherty, Benjamin and John Gist, Newman, Asabel Rawlings, John Maughon, James Patterson, John Weir and David Craig.

        "The old county officers were removed except Daniel Kennedy, clerk and Francis Hughes, ranger. The county, as a whole, was the most loyal to the Franklin government of any of the counties composing the State, and jealously guarded against anything tending to weaken its influence or authority."

        Land Grant Records for Francis Hughes are as follows: (5)

        1. Washington Co., TN NC Grant #262 - 99 acres - Oct 24, 1782. Watauga Bk. 252
        2. Washington Co., TN NC Grant #362 - 99 acres - 24 Oct, 1782. Bk 1 p. 567 - probably same grant as #1.
        3. Greene Co., TN NC Grant #1115 - 640 acres - 12 July 1793. Bk 6 p. 463

        The third record above is known to be for land on the Mill Fork of the Big Limestone Creek, Greene Co TN.
        1840 United States Census: , Bledsoe, Tennessee; Roll: 161; Page: 517; Image: 329; Family History Library Film: 0024542.
        Name: Margaret Hugh
        [Margaret Hughs]
        Birth Year: abt 1760
        Age: 50 to 60
        County: Bledsoe
        State: Tennessee
        Free White Persons - Males - 80 thru 89: 1 Francis age 80
        Free White Persons - Females - 50 thru 59: 2 Margaret Hughes and ?
        Slaves - Males - Under 10: 3
        Slaves - Males - 10 thru 23: 2
        Slaves - Males - 24 thru 35: 1
        Slaves - Females - Under 10: 1
        Slaves - Females - 10 thru 23: 1
        Slaves - Females - 24 thru 35: 1
        Total - All Persons (Free White, Free Colored, Slaves): 12
        Persons Employed in Agriculture: 4
        No. White Persons over 20 Who Cannot Read and Write: 2
        Total Free White Persons: 3
        Total Slaves: 9
        Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 12
        5 residences away:

        Name: Ephriam Hughs, son of John Hughes, son of Francis Hughes
        County: Bledsoe
        State: Tennessee
        Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: 1
        Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39: 1
        Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39: 1
        Total - All Persons (Free White, Free Colored, Slaves): 3
        Persons Employed in Agriculture: 1
        No. White Persons over 20 Who Cannot Read and Write: 1
        Free White Persons - Under 20: 1
        Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
        Total Free White Persons: 3
        Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 3
        next residence:
        Hardy Lassiter
        four residences away:
        Ephriam Hughes




        Father: John Hughes , Sr. b: BEF 1732 in , , Pennsylvania
        Mother: Sarah [--?--]

        Marriage 1 Rebecca Allen b: ABT 1750
        Has Children Ingebo Hughes b: ABT 1770 in , , Tennessee, USA
        Has Children Hardeman Hughes b: BET 1770 AND 1780 in , , North Carolina
        Has Children John Hughes b: 1779 in , (later Dunmore County and renamed Shenandoah County), Virginia
        Has Children Hannah Retta HUGHES b: ABT 1780 in , , Tennessee, USA
        Has No Children Margaret Hughes b: BET 1780 AND 1790
        Has Children Rebecca Hughes b: ABT 1782 in , , Tennessee, USA

        Marriage 2 Elizabeth Long
        Married: 28 JUL 1802 in , Greene County, Tennessee, USA

        possibly separated in 1803, per David M. Hughes referencing Beavert notes, or divorced per record of a Francis Hughes filing for divorce from Elizabeth Hughes February 27, 1816
        Has No Children Mary Ann Hughes

        Title: Revolutionary War Pension Papers for Francis Hughes
        Media: Electronic

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