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Birth Name of Castile and Leon, Ferdinand III
Nick Name The Saint
Gender male
Age at Death 53 years


Ferdinand III, the Saint, (1198 - May 30, 1252), king of Castile (1217) and Leon (1230), was son of Alphonso IX and of Berenguela of Castile, daughter of Alfonso VIII.

In 1231 he united Castile and Leon permanently.

Ferdinand spent much of his reign fighting the Moors. He captured the towns of Cordoba in 1236, Jaen in 1246, and Seville in 1248, and occupied Murcia in 1243, thereby completing the reconquest of Spain excepting Granada, whose king nevertheless did homage to Ferdinand.

In 1219, Ferdinand married the daughter of the emperor Philip of Swabia, Beatrice, by whom he had six sons and one daughter. After Beatrice died in 1236, he married Joan of Dammartin (or Ponthieu). His daughter by Joan was Eleanor of Castile, wife of King Edward I of England.

He founded the University of Salamanca and the Cathedral of Burgos.

Ferdinand was canonized by Pope Clement X in 1671.

Ferdinand III (of Castile and León), called The Saint (1199-1252), king of Castile (1217-52) and of León (1230-52); he was the son of King Alfonso IX of León and Castile. In 1217 Ferdinand's mother, Berengaria, renounced her title to the Castilian throne in favor of her son. Alfonso, who had himself expected to acquire Castile, was angered at his wife's action, and, aided by a group of Castilian nobles favorable to his claim, made war upon his newly crowned son. Ferdinand, however, with the wise counsel of his mother, proved more than a military match for Alfonso, who at length was forced to abandon his plan of conquering Castile. Through the good offices of Berengaria, Ferdinand was able to effect the peaceful union of León and Castile upon the death of his father in 1230. Ferdinand devoted his energies to prosecuting the war against the Moors, conquering Córdoba in 1236 and Seville in 1248. He was rigorous in his suppression of the heretical Albigenses, a fact largely responsible for his canonization more than two centuries later. In 1242 Ferdinand reestablished at Salamanca the university originally founded by his grandfather.

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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1199     3
Death 1252 Seville, Spain   4

Age: 53y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father of Leon, Alphonso IX1171-08-151230-09-24
Mother of Castile, Berengaria11801246-11-08
    Sister     of Leon, Urraca Alfonsez 1190
    Sister     of Leon, Berengaria 1193 1237-04-12
         of Castile and Leon, Ferdinand III 1199 1252
    Brother     of Leon, Alfonso 1204


Family of of Castile and Leon, Ferdinand III and von Hohenstaufen, Beatrice

Married Wife von Hohenstaufen, Beatrice ( * 1198 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1219-11-30     5
Name Birth Date Death Date
of Castile and Leon, Alfonso X1221-11-23

Family of of Castile and Leon, Ferdinand III and de Dammartin, Joanna

Married Wife de Dammartin, Joanna ( * + 1279-03-16 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1237     5
Name Birth Date Death Date
of Castile, Eleanor12441290-11-28