COLLINGS, Martha Cloe

Birth Name COLLINGS, Martha Cloe
Gender female
Age at Death 79 years, 11 months, 14 days


BIRTH: Born on the family farm north of Bellmore
BIOGRAPHY: Clipping pasted into a Siegel Cooper Company Fall & Winter Catalogue 1906 + by Cloe Collings Myers A piano recital was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Collings of near Parkeville Saturday afternoon July 23, where their daughter, Miss Cloe and her class in music rendered some well prepared solos and duets. Mr. Upp was there with his camera and photographed the class and teacher, after which they and about 25 invited guests were treated to ice cream and cake and fruit salad. All departed at a late hour declaring they had spent a most enjoyable evening.
1910 census: Single music teacher living with parents. 1930 census: Living with father.

Remained unmarried until late in life, and until that time when she was no longer able to care for herself, she lived on the farm. In addition to caring For her elderly parents, Cloe took in her brother Byard Guy Collings’ one-year old daughter, Naomi Alberta ("Alberta") after Byard Guy’s wife, Claudiea Cleo Hazlet Collings died. About five years later, in 1922, another of Byard Guy’s daughters, Edith Blanche, came to stay with Cloe to attend school with Alberta.

Cloe was an active member in the Parkville Christian Church and the social life around it. She gave piano lessons to bring in extra money for the growing family. Cloe married her “childhood” sweet heart, Robert Myers, when she was 65 years old. Family stories relate that Cloe was smitten with Bob when they were young, but that her parents didn’t approve of the relationship and forbade her from seeing him. The young couple apparently did manage to secretly meet for double dates when Cloe was supposed to be acting as chaperon for other couples, but with the strong disapproval of Cloe’s parents the relationship could not continue. Bob went away, married and had children. In 1953 he returned to Parke County, visited Cloe, and they were soon married. Cloe was 65 and Bob was 77 years old.

Cloe’s house was warm and welcoming. Family potluck dinners were a regular occurrence. Cloe’s contribution usually included a fresh chicken, carrot salad, picked beets, and the world’s best sugar cookies. Cloe often treated the family to a short piano recital at these gatherings .Even as Cloe’s fingers became arthritic and the piano out of tune, her family enjoyed hearing Cloe play.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1888-09-12 Bellmore, Parke Co., Indiana   1
Death 1968-08-26 Rockville, Parke Co., Indiana   1

Age: 79y 11m 14d

Burial   Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Parke Co., Indiana   1
Christening 37295      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father COLLINGS, Jacob1853-02-191934-06-09
Mother PAYTON, Mary Frances1854-12-141922-03-25
    Sister     COLLINGS, Mandie 1875-07-09 1878-09-02
    Sister     COLLINGS, Esta 1881-02-06 1956-11-14
    Brother     COLLINGS, Byard Guy 1886-09-13 1964-01-03
         COLLINGS, Martha Cloe 1888-09-12 1968-08-26

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