Chase, Francis 1 2

Birth Name Chase, Francis
Gender male


Downloaded from the Nick Hayes-Sue Drake family tree


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death (Deceased)      
Christening A9F713E03AB24C0A99026F7234E0C25D841E 18 APR 2009    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Chase, Mathewabout 1482(Deceased)
Mother Bold, Elizabethabout 14881570-10-02
    Brother     Chase, Richard 1520-04-22 (Deceased)
    Brother     Chase, Thomas 1520-04-22 1586-06-29
         Chase, Francis A9F713E03AB24C0A99026F7234E0C25D841E (Deceased)
    Brother     Chase, John Son Of Mathew 1F86E623846B46BFBE057802795336B6974D (Deceased)
    Brother     Chase, Mathew 98FF2156BB4343B7A0D9F0AF2470700A2C13 (Deceased)
    Brother     Chase, Ralph Son Of Mathew 51A5AE8E6EA64177B5940AB795692E699D4F (Deceased)
    Brother     Chase, William Son Of Mathew 89BBC0983695467BB01DCAECE7A6115AA368 (Deceased)
    Brother     Chase, Robert 28B1591BCDC244D1AC665D30317C26DF42BA (Deceased)
    Sister     Chase, Marie AD1F54FA9EB244E2BB2253FE76E72F73BD9F (Deceased)