de Argentine, John 1

Birth Name de Argentine, John
Gender male
Age at Death 75 years


In the reign of King Stephen (1135-1154), a charter was granted to John, son of Reginald de Argentein, confirming to him and his heirs the land and 'ministerium' (the service of cup-bearing) which had been held by his father. Presumably on the basis of this charter, VCH Hertfordshire (vol.3, p.182) calls John an 'adherent' of Stephen, and suggests that a castle of the 'motte and bailey' type, whose remains lie to the east of the churchyard in Great Wymondley, may have been erected by John as a manorial stronghold during the anarchy of Stephen's reign.

Evidently the mills of Ickleford, which his father Reginald had held for life, were still the subject of contention between the Argenteins and Ramsey Abbey. But the dispute was settled in favour of the abbey by Stephen's successor Henry II, who issued a charter, dated to 1155-1162, commanding that the mills, which had been claimed by John, should be held by the abbey, as stipulated by Henry I's charter. At about the same time, John accounted in Hertfordshire for a crown debt (Pipe Roll, 1158-59).

In the feudal returns of 1166, John appears as the holder of one knight's fee of the barony of Robert Foliot, and two knights' fees of the fee of Skipton. The first of these represents the manor of Melbourn, in Cambridgeshire (VCH Cambridgeshire); the second, according to Farrer (vol.1, p.238), refers to Harlow in Essex, although there does not seem to be any later record ofthe family holding land there.

John's name occurs also as a witness to two charters for religious houses in the area: one for St Edmund's Abbey (Douglas) and the other for Dunstable Priory (Fowler). The latter charter is dated tentatively to between 1170 and 1177; if so, it must belong to the closing years of John's life.


Title: Chart pedigree of the Alington family
Abbrev: Chart pedigree of the Alington family
Publication: Feb 15, 2002
Title: The Phillips, Weber, Kirk and Staggs Family
Abbrev: The Phillips, Weber, Kirk and Staggs Family
Author: Jim Weber


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1123 Wymondley, Herfordshire, England   2
Death 1198 Wymondley, Herfordshire, England   2

Age: 75y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Argentine, Reginald10981139
Mother de Montfort, Lora11031198
         de Argentine, John 1123 1198


Family of de Argentine, John and Fitztecon, Ellen

Unknown Partner Fitztecon, Ellen ( * 1126 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Argentin, Reginald1144about 1203