Flanders, Arnoul I

Birth Name Flanders, Arnoul I
Gender male
Age at Death 73 years, 10 months, 8 days


Counts of Flanders and Hainault

Arnold I, Count of Flanders and Artois, "the Old", b abt 898, d 27 Mar 964. He md Alix de Vermandois abt 926, daughter of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois and Troyes, and Liegarde/Hildebrante.

Arnulf I, Count of Flanders
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Arnulf of Flanders (c. 890 - March 28, 965), called the Great, was the third Count of Flanders, who ruled the County of Flanders, an area that is now northwestern Belgium and southwestern Holland.

Arnulf was the son of count Baldwin II of Flanders and Ælfthryth of Wessex, daughter of Alfred the Great. He was named after his distant ancestor, Saint Arnulf of Metz; this was intended to emphasize his family's descent from the Carolingian dynasty.

[edit] History

Arnulf I greatly expanded Flemish rule to the south, taking all or part of Artois, Ponthieu, Amiens, and Ostravent. He exploited the conflicts between Charles the Simple and Robert I of France, and later those between Louis IV and his barons.

In his southern expansion Arnulf inevitably had conflict with the Normans, who were trying to secure their northern frontier. This led to the 943 murder of the Duke of Normandy, William Longsword, at the hands of Arnulf's men.

The Viking threat was receding during the later years of Arnulf's life, and he turned his attentions to the reform of the Flemish government.

[edit] Family

In 934 he married Adele of Vermandois, daughter of Herbert II of Vermandois. Their children were:
Liutgard, married Wichmann IV, Count of Hamaland
Egbert, died 953
Baldwin III of Flanders
Elftrude, married Siegfried, Count of Guînes
Hildegarde (d.990); married Dirk II, Count of Holland

He also had a previous daughter, Hildegard.

Arnulf made his eldest son and heir Baldwin III of Flanders co-ruler in 958, but Baldwin died untimely in 962, so Arnulf was succeeded by Baldwin's infant son, Arnulf II of Flanders.

[edit] Sources
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Selected Families and Individuals

Arnulf I "The Old" of FLANDERS Count of Flanders [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born 890 in , Flanders, Belgium. He died 27 Mar 964 in , Flanders, Belgium. Arnulf married Alix de VERMANDOIS on 934 in , Flanders, Belgium.

Alix de VERMANDOIS [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born 918 in Vermandois, Normandie, France. She died 10 Oct 960 in Brugge, West Flanders, Belgium. Alix married Arnulf I "The Old" of FLANDERS Count of Flanders on 934 in , Flanders, Belgium.

They had the following children:

M i Baldwin III of FLANDERS Count of Flanders was born 935 and died 1 Jan 962.
F ii Liutgard of FLANDERS was born 937 and died 29 Sep 964.
F iii Hildegarde of FLANDERS was born 939 and died 10 Apr 990.
M iv Heribert of FLANDERS 1 was born 941 in , Flanders, Belgium.
F v Elftrude of FLANDERS was born 943.

Arnulf I "The Old" of FLANDERS Count of Flanders

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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 890-05-19 Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium   1
Death 964-03-27 St. Peter's, Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium   1

Age: 73y 10m 8d


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Flanders, Baudouin II863918-09-10
Mother of England, Aelfthryth872929-06-07
    Brother     of Flanders, Arnolph I 887 965
         Flanders, Arnoul I 890-05-19 964-03-27
    Brother     de Boulogne, Adaloff 893 933-11-13


Family of Flanders, Arnoul I and de Vermandois, Alix

Married Wife de Vermandois, Alix ( * 912 + 960-10-10 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 932   Religious Marriage  
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Flanders, Elstrude932
of Flanders, Baudouin III933962-11-01
de Flanders, Egbert937
de Flanders, Ledgarde937964-09-29
de Flanders, Elisende937970
Flanders, Hildegarde937990-04-10