Magnusdatter, Ragnhild

Birth Name Magnusdatter, Ragnhild
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1093 Bergen, Norway   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Olafsson, Magnus of Norway10731103
Mother Ingesdatter, Margaretaabout 10761130-11-04
         Magnusdatter, Ragnhild about 1093
    Brother     Magnusson, Sigurd I about 1094 1130
    Brother     Magnusson, Olav of Norway about 1096
    Brother     Magnusson, Oystein of Norway about 1098
    Brother     Magnusson, Sigurd Slembedjakn of Norway about 1100 1134
    Brother     Magnusson, Harald Gylle of Norway about 1103 1146

Source References

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        ID: I26362
        Name: King of Norway Magnus "Barefoot" Olafsson
        Sex: M
        Birth: 1073 in Bergen, Norway
        Death: 1103 in Killed in battle at Ireland
        Magnus III of Norway
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        Magnus Barefoot (1073-1103), son of Olav Kyrre, was king of Norway from 1093 until 1103. His surname, Barfot, means barefoot or bareleg and is commonly attributed to him wearing Scottish kilts. This, however, is a myth; Magnus could not have worn the kilt as the kilt did not exist until several hundred years after his death. Instead, it is likely that he wore a form of the tunic preferred by the Gaels that went down no further than the kneecap, while the Norse were more accustomed to a longer tunic that went as far down as the ankles.

        In 1098, he conquered the Orkney Islands, the Hebrides and the Isle of Man. According to the Sagas, this expedition was promoted because he violated the tomb of Saint Olaf.

        In 1101, he married Margareta, the daughter of his former enemy Inge Stenkilsson, king of Sweden. Their sons were Olav Magnusson, Øystein Magnusson and Sigurd Magnusson (later known as Sigurd Jorsalfar). After his death, Harald Gille and Sigurd Slembedjakn both claimed to be his illegitimate sons (and thus heirs to the throne).

        Magnus died in battle in Ireland in 1103.

        Father: King of Norway Olaf Haraldsson Kyrre b: ABT 1045 in Hedemark, Norway

        Marriage 1 Margareta Ingesdatter b: ABT 1076 in Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
        Has Children Ragnhild Magnusdatter b: ABT 1093 in Bergen, Norway
        Has Children King of Norway Sigurd I "Jorsalfar" Magnusson b: ABT 1094 in Bergen, Norway
        Has No Children King of Norway Olav Magnusson b: ABT 1096 in Bergen, Norway
        Has No Children King of Norway Øystein Magnusson b: ABT 1098 in Bergen, Norway
        Has Children King of Norway Sigurd Slembedjakn Magnusson b: ABT 1100 in Bergen, Norway
        Has Children King of Norway Harald Gylle Magnusson b: ABT 1103 in Ireland

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