Arshamid, Pharnakes

Birth Name Arshamid, Pharnakes
Gender male


Governor of Persepolis Pharnaces Arshâmid died 0497 B.C..1 Governor of Persepolis, Persian Empire, 0499-0497 B.C..2 He was governor of Persepolis under his nephew Darius I 0499-0497 B.C..2 He was the son of King of Persia Arsames Achaemenid .3,2 He was born 0560 B.C..1 He was the uncle of Darius I.2 He was a junior branch of the royal line.2
Child of Governor of Persepolis Pharnaces Arshâmid:
Satrap of Daskyleon Artabazos I Arshâmid+ b. 0525 B.C., d. 0449 B.C.
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Birth: 560 B.C.

Death: 497 B.C.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Achaemenid, Arsames
         Arshamid, Pharnakes
    Brother     Parthia, Vishtaspa


Family of Arshamid, Pharnakes and

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Name Birth Date Death Date
Arshamid, Artabazos I