de Harcourt, Turchetil

Birth Name de Harcourt, Turchetil
Gender male
Age at Death 73 years


Turchetil, Sire de Harcourt, Normandy; fl. 1024; presumably kin of [English Harcourt descendants]. [Burke's peerage]

Turchetil de HARCOURT, Seigneur de Turqueville [Ref: Turton (prob using Burke's)]

Turketil de TURQUEVILLE [Ref: Watney p99]


Turquetil Seigneur de TURQUETIL et de TANQUERAYE. His name has been spelt Turchil, Turketil, Turkel, Turkeul, Turquetal, Torkel, Torketil, Torchetil, Thorkil, Thorkel, Thurkild, Turquetil, Thorchetil, etc. It is a Danish name meaning Thor's Kettle or Cauldron. Turchetil de Neufmarche was his namesake. Turchetil III Baron De Tourville, Seigneur de Tourville and de Tanqueray.


Turquetil, seigneur de Turqueville, and de Tanqueraye, about 1001, appears in several charters concerning the abbeys of Fecamp and Bernay. He was lord of Neufmarche-en-Lions, governor of the boy duke, William... Turquetil was the second son of Torf, the son of Bernard the Dane... Turquetil, Turqueville or Tanqueraye, de Neufmarche, second son. died about 1036. He married Anceline, sister of Turstain of Montfort-sur-Risle.


Research note: can Turqueville also be Torville? Watney lists his father as Torf "the Rich" de HARCOURT, Seigneur de Torville & states he built the castle of Torville in 955. McBride shows Tourville. Is this French vs English for the same placename?

death: was treacherously assassinated between 1035 and 1040 by hirelings of Raoul de Gace... Murdered along with three other governor's of the young William future King of England. [Ref: McBride] (I show 1027, unfortunately I didn't identify the source, but it was apparently more solid than McBride or I would have replaced it as per McBride).




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 951 Normandy, France   1
Death 1024     1

Age: 73y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Harcourt, Torf de9281013
Mother Brioquibec, Ertemberge de930
         de Harcourt, Turchetil 951 1024
    Brother     Harcourt, Tourude de 952 979
    Sister     d'Harcourt, Lesseline 965 997-01-26


Family of de Harcourt, Turchetil and de Montfort, Adeline

Married Wife de Montfort, Adeline ( * 953 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 990     2
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Neufmarche, Thurcytel988
de Harcourt, Anchetil9911049
de Harcourt, Leceline9921058-01-26
de Montford, Hugh1062

Family of de Harcourt, Turchetil and de Bertrand, Anceline de Bastembourg

Unknown Partner de Bertrand, Anceline de Bastembourg ( * + ... )