Plantagenet, Thomas

Birth Name Plantagenet, Thomas
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1278 Grosmont Castle, Monmouth, Wales   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Plantagenet, Edmund1244-01-161296-06-05
Mother of Artois, Blanche Capet12481302-05-02
         Plantagenet, Thomas 1278
    Brother     Plantagenet, Henry 1281 1345-09-22
    Brother     Plantagenet, John 1286
    Sister     Plantagenet, Mary 1288

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  1. RCKarnes: Carrie's Family Tree
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        ID: I09672
        Name: *Edmund "Crouchback" PLANTAGENET
        Sex: M
        Birth: 16 JAN 1245 in London, Middlesex, England 1
        Birth: 14 MAR 1245
        Death: 5 JUN 1296 in Bayonne, Pyrennes-Atlantiques, France 1
        Burial: 15 JUL 1296 Westminster Abbey, London, England 1
        1st Earl of Lancaster
        Count of Champagne and Brie
        Earl of Chester
        Stewardship of England
        He was the second surviving son of Eleanor of Provence and King Henry III of England.
        Crouchback was born in London, England. In 1253 he was invested by Pope Innocent IV in the Kingdom of Sicily and Apulia. At about this time he was also made Earl of Chester. These were of little value as Conrad IV of Germany, the real King of Sicily, was still living and the Earldom of Chester was transferred to his elder brother Edward. Edmund soon obtained, however, important possessions and dignities, for soon after the forfeiture of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester in 1265, Edmund received the Earldom of Leicester and of Lancaster and also the honour of the Stewardship of England and the lands of Nicolas de Segrave.
        He was married twice, first to Aveline de Forz, Countess of Albemarle, in 1269, and then in Paris, France on February 3, 1276, to Blanche of Artois. That same year he became the Count of Champagne and Brie in France. With Blanche he had four children
        He died on June 5, 1296 in Bayonne, and was interred on July 15, 1296 at Westminster Abbey, London, England.
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        Edmund Plantagenet, called Crouchback, 2nd son of Henry III, Earl of Lancaster, was born at London Feb., 1245, and when he had attained his 8th year was solemnly invested by the Pope in the Kingdom of Sicily and Apulia. About this time, too, 1253, he was made Earl of Chester, but neither of these honors turned out eventually of much value, for the real King of Sicily, Conrad, was then living, and the Earldom of Chester was transferred to the Prince's elder brother Edward, afterwards Edward I.
        He soon obtained other possessions and dignities, for upon the forfeiture of Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, the King, by charter, 1274, granted him the Earldom of Leicester, as also the honour and Stewardship of England, with the lands likewise of Nicholas de Seagrave, an associate in the treason of de Montfort. The next year he had another grant from the crown of all the goods and chattels whereof Robert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, was possessed upon the day of the skirmish at Chesterfield. About 1270 the Earl went into the Holy Land and returned within two years. In the reign of his brother, Edward I, he was in the Scottish wars and had grants which he had received from their father confirmed, with additional castles, manors and lands of great extent. In the 21st of Edward I (1272-1306) he procured license from the crown to make a castle of his house, the parish of St. Clement's Danes in County Middlesex, and he also founded the nunnery, called Minoress, without Aldgate, in the suburbs of London.
        He was afterwards in the Welsh wars and then proceeded to France, being sent with the Earl of Lincoln into Gascony. He eventually invested Bordeaux, but not succeeding in its reduction, he was so affected by the disappointment that it brought on a disease that terminated his life in the year 1295. The prince's remains were brought over to England and honourably interred in Westminster Abbey. Upon his deathbed he directed "that his body should not be buried until his debt were paid." He married 1st Avelina, daughter of William de Fortibus, who died sine prole; 2nd Blanche, daughter of Robert of Artois, 3rd son of Louis VIII, King of France. By his 2nd wife he had Thomas Plantagenet, who died sine prole, and he in turn was succeeded by his brother, Henry.
        (Kin of Mellcene Thurman Smith, page 388)


        Father: *Henry III of ENGLAND b: 1 OCT 1207 in Winchester, Hampshire, England
        Mother: *Eleanor BERENGAR b: 1217 in Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhone, France

        Marriage 1 Aveline of FORZ b: 20 JAN 1245 in Burstwick, Yorkshire, England
        Married: 9 APR 1269 in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England
        Married: 1269 1

        Marriage 2 *Blanche of ARTOIS b: ABT 1248 in Arras, Nord-Pas de Calais, France
        Married: 3 FEB 1276 in Paris, France 1
        Thomas PLANTAGENET b: 1278 in Grosmont Castle, Monmouth, Wales
        *Henry PLANTAGENET b: 1281 in Grosmont Castle, Monmouth, Wales
        John PLANTAGENET b: BEF 1286 in Grosmont Castle, Monmouth, Wales
        Mary PLANTAGENET b: ABT 1288 in Grosmont Castle, Monmouth, Wales

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