de Hastings, John 1

Birth Name de Hastings, John
Gender male
Age at Death 50 years, 9 months, 22 days


# Note:

Sir John de Hastinges, 1st Lord (Baron) Hasting(e)s, so created by writ 24 June 1295 (although in the petition presented by Sir Jacob Astley, Bt in 1840 which resulted in his being called to Parliament as 16th Lord Hastings a date of 29 May 1290 was put forward as constituting the moment when Sir John de Hastinges was first present at an assembly which might be regarded as a Parliament and precedence of this earlier date was assigned the Barony of Hastings; the assembly of 1290 would not now be regarded as a valid Parliament); feudal Lord of Abergavenny; one of three competitors for the Crown of Scotland 1290 in right of his grandmother Ada, Lt and Seneschal of Gascony 1302. [Burke's Peerage]


Abergavenny, which of course was only one of William de Cauntelo's possessions passed to Joan's son the 1st Lord (Baron) Hastings and afterwards to his son the 2nd Lord Hastings. The 2nd Lord Hastings' son, the 3rd Lord was created Earl of Pembroke in 1339, but his grandson the 3rd Earl died when still a minor and possession of Abergavenny passed to William Beauchamp. [Burke's Peerage]



# Note:

SIR JOHN DE HASTINGES, of Abergavenny, son and heir, born 6 May 1262, at Allesley, co. Warwick. On 12 July 1283 the King took his homage, and he had livery of his father's lands, and also of his purparty of the lands of George de Cantelou, namely, the castle and honour of Abergavenny, co. Monmouth, the castle of Kilgerran, co. Pembroke, of the lands of St. Clear, co. Carmarthen, Aston, co. Warwick, Barwick, Little Marston, and Stoford, Somerset, and Badmondisfield, Suffolk. In January 1283/4 he was about to go to Scotland. He was on the King's service in Wales in 1287. In 1292 he claimed a third part of the Kingdom of Scotland, as grandson and heir of Ada, 3rd daughter and coheir of David, Earl of Huntingdon: his claim was rejected by the judgment delivered at Berwick Castle, on Monday after St. Martin [17 November]. In January 1296/7 he was about to go to Brabant, by the King's command, in attendance on Margaret, the King's daughter, Duchess of Brabant. He was in the Army of Scotland in 1300, being at the siege of Carlaverock in July the same year. On 2 February 1300/1 he had licence to crenellate his manor and town of Fillongley, co. Warwick. He was summoned for Military Service from 26 June 1294 to 18 June 1310 to attend the Coronation, 18 January 1307/8, to a Council 8 January 1308/9, and to Parliament from 24 June 1295 to 8 July 1312, by writs directed Johanni de Hastingges, and moreover is recorded to have been present in pleno parliamento domini Regis on the morrow of Trinity 29 May 1290 with other magnates et proceres tunc in parliamento existentes, whereby he is held to have become LORD HASTINGES. As Johannes de Hastinges Dominus de Bergeveni he took part in the Barons' Letter to the Pope, 12 February 1300/1. On 23 August 1302 he was appointed Lieutenant and Seneschal of Gascony, during pleasure: he held the office till August or September 1304. On 22 May 1306 the King granted to him and his heirs the county of Menteith (except the land in that county which the King had previously granted to Edmund de Hastinges, forfeited by Alan, late Earl of Menteith, the King's rebel and enemy. On 15 March 1308/9 he had licence to grant, in fee, to John, his son, the manor of Aston Cantlow, the castle and town of Kilgerran, and other lands in Wales. He was re-appointed Lieutenant and Seneschal of Gascony, 24 October 1309, during pleasure, and on 16 November following had licence to set out from Dover with his household, horses, armour, silver vessels, &c.; he surrendered his office in the latter half of 1311.

# Note:

He married, 1stly, at Braxted, Essex, or Blunham, Beds, Isabel, daughter of William DE VALENCE, sometimes styled EARL OF PEMBROKE, by Joan, daaughter of Sir Warin DE MUNCHANESY, of Swanscombe, Kent, Winfarthing and Gooderstone, Norfolk, &c. She died 5 October 1305, and was buried in Coventry Priory. He married, 2ndly, Isabel, daughter of Hugh (LE DESPENSER), EARL OF WINCHESTER, by Isabel, daughter of William (DE BEAUCHAMP), EARL OF WARWICK. He died 20 February 1312/3. His widow had livery of her dower, 11 April 1313, and of the knights' fees and advowsons of her dower, 20 November following, all of which had been assigned her by the King. She married, 2ndly, as 2nd wife, Sir RALPH DE MOUNTHERMER, sometime EARL OF GLOUCESTER: as royal licence had not been obtained for this marriage, on 20 November 1318 and again on 2 January following, the lands they held in dower were taken into the King's hand. They were pardoned and their lands were restored to them, 12 August 1319, for a fine of 1,000 marks: which also they were pardoned on 18 May 1321. She had charge of two of the King's daughters from Michaelmas 1324. Ralph died 5 April 1325, and was buried in the Church of the Grey Friars at Salisbury, aged 63. She died 4 or 5 December 1334. [Complete Peerage VI:346-9, XIV:372

# Note:

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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1262-05-06 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales   1
Death 1313-02-28 Coventry, Wiltshire, England   1

Age: 50y 9m 22d

Burial   Grey Frier's, Coventry, Warwickshire, England   2


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Hastings, Henry II12351268-03-05
Mother de Cantelou, Joan12451271-06-00
    Sister     de Hastings, Joan 1255
    Sister     de Hastings, Lora 1258
    Sister     Hastings, Audra 1260
         de Hastings, John 1262-05-06 1313-02-28
    Brother     de Hastings, Edmund 1264
    Brother     de Hastings, Robert 1266
    Brother     de Hastings, Philip 1268


Family of de Hastings, John and de Valence, Isabel

Unknown Partner de Valence, Isabel ( * 1266 + 1305-10-30 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Hastings, Elizabeth1294

Family of de Hastings, John and le Despencer, Isabel

Unknown Partner le Despencer, Isabel ( * 1290 + 1334-12-04 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Hastang, Margaret
de Hastings, Hugh13101347-07-00