Family of GORSUCH, Daniel Locke and MURROW, Mary Jane


Married Husband GORSUCH, Daniel Locke ( * 1837-03-22 + 1915-10-05 )
Married Wife MURROW, Mary Jane ( * 1842-08-08 + 1916-02-14 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1860-05-30 Mahaska Co., Iowa Religious Marriage 1
Name Birth Date Death Date
GORSUCH, Sarah Elizabeth1861-03-221940-05-29
GORSUCH, Dwight Martin1862-11-091863-08-09
GORSUCH, Angeline1864-06-251927-03-16
GORSUCH, Fred1865-12-021941-02-06
GORSUCH, Edward1868-02-261908-02-24
GORSUCH, George Robert1870-02-091954-03-03
GORSUCH, John Bosley1871-11-191943-06-22
GORSUCH, Lillie May1874-12-061902-09-23
GORSUCH, Rosa Belle1877-08-191889-08-22
GORSUCH, Laura Ann1879-02-04between 1936-12-24 and 1941-12-14
GORSUCH, Clay Cecil1886-08-301964-02-00

Source References

  1. Grinnel Library, Iowa