Family of Terry, William and Bryant, Sarah Jane


Married Husband Terry, William ( * 1842-01-25 + 1917-10-23 )
Married Wife Bryant, Sarah Jane ( * 1843-02-11 + 1903-10-26 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1865-11-14 Red River County, Texas Religious Marriage 1
Name Birth Date Death Date
Terry, Charles Edward18661928-08-03
Terry, James A.about 1866-08-00after 1910
Terry, Clara1867-04-291872-08-08
Terry, John S.1868
Terry, Bettie1870-11-161875-04-17
Terry, William H.1872-06-00after 1940
Terry, Mary J. “Mollie”1872-06-021875-09-19
Terry, Bobbie1876-05-311877-02-25
Terry, Susie1877-11-181878-10-18
Terry, Simeon Ross1879-08-00after 1940
Terry, Lucy L.1881-12-211897-12-31
Terry, Walter W.1883-11-00after 1940
Terry, Albert1885-09-241889-02-02