Family of BYWATERS, Thomas R. and CAMPBELL, Mary Olivia


Unknown Partner BYWATERS, Thomas R. ( * 1834-09-29 + 1923-01-27 )
Unknown Partner CAMPBELL, Mary Olivia ( * 1839-04-28 + 1933-01-01 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
BYWATERS, Josephine Compton1854-10-011882-05-11
BYWATERS, Mary Elizabeth1856-08-21
BYWATERS, Roberta Jane1858-06-29
BYWATERS, Sarah Virginia1860-04-06
BYWATERS, Eliza William1862-04-171862-12-21
BYWATERS, Jemima Catherine1863-09-30
BYWATERS, Thomas Richard1867-03-04
BYWATERS, Lucie Ann1869-04-03
BYWATERS, Henry Walker1871-03-26
BYWATERS, Robert Lafayette1873-08-081904-06-07
BYWATERS, Bessie Florinteen1877-02-25