Family of Pirtle, Henry and Viney, Mary


Married Husband Pirtle, Henry ( * 1748 + 1834 )
Married Wife Viney, Mary ( * 1753 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1772   Religious Marriage 1
Event Note

M: Bef. 1772

Name Birth Date Death Date
Pirtle, John1772-11-101826-03-26
Pirtle, Artemesia1776-11-09
Pirtle, George1777-10-06
Pirtle, Mary1779-04-18
Pirtle, Henry1781-04-18
Pirtle, Jacob1783-04-06
Pirtle, Keziah1785-02-151832
Pirtle, Thomas Wales1787-03-22
Pirtle, Isaac Newland1789-07-30
Pirtle, Elizabeth1791-10-16
Pirtle, Cassandra1794-04-21
Pirtle, Abner1796-02-28