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Re: Adventure Game Survey [message #66808] Sun, 19 May 2013 22:27
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     I tried to fill out the survey form, but found it impossible.
Explainations are necessary. To the first question: For an excellent
game, with challenge, Infocom is the only manufacture. If pressed I might
add Scott Adams, but there are great flaws in the logic of those games.

Question 2: The Best Game Overall Game" In orger of my preference: The
"Zork" series, The "Enchanter" series, The "Mystery" series. These are
all from Infocom.

Question 3: "The Most Difficult Game" This question can be taken either
of two ways. One, the most difficult because of flaws in the logic, which
is bad. Or, the most difficult because the logic is flawless and puzzles
are difficult, which is good. On the first count, number one is Scott
Adams followed closely by Serria On-Line. On the second count, my answer
is Infocom, of course. In the difficulty field I will also include,
Empire of the Over-Mind from Avalon Hill.

Question 4: "The Most Humerous Game" Again a game from Infocom,
"Planetfall". But add any and all of the games from Infocom, they all
contain both covert and overt humor.

And finally question 5: "The Most Realistic Game" What kind of question
is this? Realistic? Adventure games are not realistic, they are
escapeism. When I play an adventure game I want to forget about the real
world. But, on the other hand, if you are asking if the game in question
is real to the realm of Fantasy Role-Playing, then Infocom is the most
realistic. And, the closest thing that I have seen to Advanced Dungeons &
Dragons (AD&D) is 'The Temple of Apshi' from Epyx, and the 'Dunzhin'
series from Screenplay.

All of the information is based on my personal experience after five
years of playing AD&D, seven years of playing games on Unix, and three
years of playing on my Atari 800.

The above is the opinion of the author, and is correct.

Clancy Malloy (ihuxj!freak)
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