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turbo-digest digest, Volume 11, Issue 24 [message #4855] Fri, 27 July 2012 01:23
Originally posted by:
In this issue:
	a question for both lists

Date: Tue Feb  1 21:41:20 EST 2005
Subject: a question for both lists

Hey Lists,
     i apologize for emailing some of you twice about this but it 
applies to both lists.  i have a technical question that ties in my two 
favorite systems.  as those of you on the TML know, Magic Engine has 
finally been completed and is clearly the ultimate TurboGrafx16 
emulator out there.      as some of you on both lists may know, DreamEngine is another 
decent but FAR from complete TG16/PCE emulator for the Dreamcast 
(check: .      you DC supporters know that the DC has emulators for everything 
from the NeoGeoCD (which is truly a masterpiece) to the Colecovision 
and everything in between and still more.      so,  given the DCs Windows based OS and its ability to run old pc 
games, great emulators, VCDs, and so much more, what are the chances 
that Magic Engine can be ported? is anyone interested in seeing this? i 
think it would be way too cool to have the PCE library playable on a DC 
especially considering the great options the VMU affords you (emailing 
save files and posting a website of game saves especially which can be 
downloaded to the DC).  another cool feature is creating save icons for 
different games and being able to use all of the cool functions of 
magic engine on a tv and not a computer.       anyway,  i'd love to get some lists-wide feedback on this.  
regards from tokyo,          george

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